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Coin World/Numismatic News Featured Coins

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May, 2017 Coin World & Numismatic News Monthly Issues

NOTE: If the link appears broken, the item has probably been SOLD. Please call our office @ 888-856-COIN to verify the status.


1794 Flowing Hair, PCGS VG-10, Mottled deep gray toning $8500
1805 Draped Bust, PCGS XF-40, Two to choose from - one is off-white, the other deeper golden-gray $2075
1807 Draped Bust, PCGS AU-50, Interspersed gold & blue toning $4450
1807 Capped, NGC AU-58, Original white and semi-PL $6350
1814 Capped, O-108A, E/A, PCGS AU-55, White, lustrous, & very close to MS $5800
1819 Capped, PCGS AU-53, White w/gold in the denticles $785
1819/8 Capped, Small 9, PCGS MS-61, Pretty deep pastel toning atop vibrant luster $4075
1821 Capped, PCGS AU-55, Golden toning with a lot of life $1075
1822 Capped, PCGS AU-58, Light toning with almost full luster $1485
1825 Capped, PCGS MS-62, Mint-green & gold mottled toning, good luster and really choice $1775
1838 Capped, PCGS MS-63, Medium-gold obverse toning with original off-white reverse; Choice! $2575


1851 Liberty Seated, NGC MS-61, Off-white w/original luster, very scarce date SOLD
1853-O Liberty Seated, A & R, PCGS AU-58, Off-white, original slider example $2850
1853-O Liberty Seated, A & R, PCGS MS-63, Medium gold toning, clean surfaces $7800
1854-O Liberty Seated, Arrows, PCGS MS-62, Choice and original off-white $985
1855-S Liberty Seated, Arrows, PCGS AU-50, Off-white and well struck; RARE! $6500
1856-O Liberty Seated, PCGS MS-63, Original deep gold over lustrous surfaces; Fresh $1075
1865-S Liberty Seated, PCGS MS-62, Lighter gold-green & orange toning w/clean surfaces SOLD
1866 Liberty Seated, Motto, PCGS MS-64, Vibrant luster w/GEM surface preservation $3475
1874 Liberty Seated, Arrows, PCGS MS-62, White and untoned $1650
1877 Liberty Seated, PCGS MS-64, Blast white w/a frosty semi-PL obverse $1350


1892-O, PCGS AU-53, White and completely untoned $775
1893-O, PCGS MS-62, Original gold mottled toning atop fresh, lustrous surfaces $1025
1894-S, PCGS MS-64, Old, deep gold envelope toning; Original! $1875
1897-S, PCGS AU-53, Deep, golden-grey obverse toning w/a lighter reverse $2675
1905-S, PCGS MS-63, Deep, golden-grey toning w/surprisingly clean, CHOICE surfaces SOLD
1906-S, PCGS MS-64, Rich gunmetal toning w/orange-gold at the peripheries $2075
1909, PCGS MS-64, Mint green accents on this choice, envelope-toned example $1075
1912-D, PCGS MS-63, Pretty with just a dusting of light toning on both sides $825


1795 Draped Bust, Off-Center Bust, Small Eagle Reverse, PCGS VF-35, Off-white and for all intents & purposes, untoned SOLD
1796 Draped Bust, Small Eagle Reverse, NGC VF-30, Smokey golden-grey toning $5700
1798 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle, PCGS VG-8, Honest wear with all major design elements visible $1150
1798 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle, 10 Arrows, PCGS F-12 SOLD
1798 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle, 5 Stripes, PCGS VF-30, Woodgrain deep gold and light gold striped effect $2600
1798 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle, PCGS VF-35, Medium grey w/darker coloration clinging to the devices $3200
1799 Draped Bust, PCGS F-15, Uniform, deep gold-grey toning $1625
1799 Draped Bust, PCGS VF-20, Iron furnace grey toning and nice detail for the assigned grade $2225
1799 Draped Bust, PCGS VF-30, Light dove-grey color w/a thin toning stripe on the reverse $2325
1800 Draped Bust, PCGS VG-8, Medium grey and decent for the grade $1175
1800 Draped Bust, PCGS F-12, Brighter silver color than the norm; nice detail for a FINE example $1625
1800 Draped Bust, 10 Arrows, PCGS VF-30, Light silver with some luster in the eagle's wings SOLD
1800 Draped Bust, PCGS VF-30, Attractive w/golden-orange highlights and close to XF $2450
1803 Draped Bust, Large 3, PCGS VF-30, Very light grey w/clean surfaces and a 30 degree reverse rotation $2650



1841, PCGS AU-55, Light grey with minimal wear $1290
1842, PCGS AU-58, Original with ample, fresh luster $1950
1844, PCGS AU-53 Uniform, off-white $1750
1847, PCGS AU-55, Off-white and similar in appearance to the 1844 $1225
1848, PCGS AU-55, Medium grey and visually attractive example of this scarcer date $2900
1848, PCGS MS-63, Original, satiny-white luster; RARE in mint state and in the condition census $13,900
1849, PCGS AU-58, Lightly toned with ample, original luster $2250
1849, PCGS MS-62, Light gold mottled toning with claims to CHOICE SOLD
1865, PCGS AU-53, Off-white w/no toning; popular date SOLD
1865, PCGS AU-58, Very close to full luster on this better civil war date $4550
1870-CC, PCGS XF-40, Some light mottled toning on this popular CC Seated Dollar $4200
1870-CC, PCGS XF-45, Crisp detail and a sharp strike with some luster remaining in protected areas; some spotty, original toning throughout $4400
1871, PCGS AU-58, Off-white w/areas of light gold clinging to the stars and denticles $1250




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