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Build a Set

The Convenient and Affordable Way to Complete a Quality Set of United States Coins

Finally, there is a way to assemble a complete set of United States coins without mortgaging the farm or giving up the kid’s college tuition. It simple, and more importantly, it’s affordable with The Reeded Edge’s Build a Set.

Start by choosing a set of coins that you wish to assemble. Then, select the desired grades for your set coins. Finally, choose an installment plan which best suits your budget. Once, you click the Build My Set button, your first installment is entered into your shopping cart and you’re on your way. Check out and your first shipment will arrive shortly, complete with your FREE Deluxe Dansco Album. Each subsequent month another shipment will arrive until your set is 100% complete. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, and your price is locked in for your entire term, regardless of any upward price movements in the coin market. Of course, you may discontinue or re-start your shipments at any time. It really doesn’t get much easier. Make your dreams a reality and start building your set today!



Our Build a Set feature allows you to acquire your favorite set(s) of coins without all of the hassles. For as little as $100.00 per month, you can build a high-quality set of United States coins. You may choose from over 40 different sets, with monthly installments tailored to your budget.

Your coins will arrive in monthly shipments. Each individual coin will be carefully chosen for a combination of eye appeal and value. Since all of our principals are also collectors, you can rest assured that your set will be assembled with precise attention for detail. Our litmus test has always been, “Would we want to buy this coin for ourselves?”

  •  Simply select a set of United States coins. Then decide which monthly installment and length of acquisition best fits your budget. When you are ready, click on the “Build My Set” button. Upon completion of checkout, your first shipment will be on its way shortly.
  • Your initial coin shipment will also include a deluxe Dansco album to house your set. The album is FREE and has NOT been figured into the acquisition price of your set.
  • Once we receive your subsequent monthly installment, you will be sent your next shipment. This will continue on a monthly basis until your set is complete. The exception would be with key date coins where you might need to make several installments before the coin is shipped. Of course, we will communicate each step of the way so that you are always aware of the status of each shipment.
  • Every coin, without exception, will adhere to your minimum set grade, and in many instances, exceed that grade. Your satisfaction with each and every coin is unconditionally guaranteed.
  • At times, coins valued at over $1000.00 may be certified. Certification will be by either PCGS or NGC. In this instance, a custom placeholder will be sent with the coin to insert into your album .
  • Your set will be completely trackable in My Reeded Edge. You will be able to view your individual coin acquisitions, coins that are still needed to complete your set and all associated account activity.
  • A unique benefit of the Build a Set program is the inclusion of a Personal Account Representative. Your representative can answer general questions, provide guidance and assistance, and help you acquire the best examples for your set that your budget allows. You will be supplied with a personal email address for your representative, an IM link, and a personal cell phone number.
  • There are no contracts with the Build a Set program. You may discontinue your shipments at any time without penalty. In that instance, you would only be responsible for any outstanding balances on coins received, but nothing more. You may also put your set on hold and then resume purchases at any future time during your installment period. Multiple payments and/or pre-payments are a great way to finish your set ahead of schedule.
  • Most importantly, once you lock in the price of your set, you are guaranteed that price for the duration of your installment period, regardless of any upward price movements in the coin market.

    There has never been an easier or more efficient way to build a beautiful set of United States coins. Presently, coins are quite affordable, but that may not be the case tomorrow. Don’t delay, and start building your set of coins today!

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