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The Reeded Edge Want List

Sell to one of the nation’s most recognized and respected Rare Coin and Collectibles firms. The Reeded Edge are aggressive buyers of all US Coins and Currency, as well as foreign coins, bullion items, political memorabilia, jewelry, documents/autographs and any other unique and esoteric Americana and/or collectibles that you may possess.  We are interested in purchasing collections of any size, from $50 accumulations to seven figure collections-NO deal is too large, and immediate funds are ALWAYS available!


Some of our ongoing needs include the following items:

  • All complete sets from any collected U.S. Series
  • Bags of 90% and 40% U.S. Silver Coins
  • All U.S. and foreign gold coinage, especially pre 1933 U.S. gold
  • All pre 1858 U.S. Copper, especially pre 1816 pieces
  • Key/Semi Key Date Indian and Lincoln Cents
  • All Flowing Hair Half Dollars and Dollars
  • Draped Bust Coinage of All Denominations
  • Bust Half Dollars, especially overdates
  • Very Fine/Better Barber Dimes & Quarters
  • All US Seated Dollars, but especially AU/Better Examples
  • All GENUINE US Trade Dollars
  • Registry Quality PCGS Graded CC Morgan Dollars
  • Any RARE PCGS-graded Prooflike/Deep Mirror Prooflike Morgan Dollars
  • Partial and full sets of Morgan Dollars
  • Monster Toned Classic US Commemoratives
  • ALL Better Date $5 & $10 Gold Indians (epecially S-Mints)
  • All large size US Currency
  • National Bank Notes (Large and Small Size)
  • Vintage, boxed British Diecast Toys (especially Dinky, Corgi & Matchbox)
  • Any Estate Jewelry
  • Any Rare or Esoteric US Political Items
  • Any unusual or unique U.S. documents/autographs or other historical items


The following Key Date/Semi Key Date US Coins are specifically needed at present:

    • 1811 Half Cents
    • 1799 and 1804 Large Cents
    • 1866-1876, 1877, 1908-S, and 1909-S Indian Cents, Problem-free GOOD/BETTER
    • 1909-S VDB, 1922 Plain, 1931-S, 1955 Doubled Die and 1972 Doubled Die Lincoln Cents
    • 1872 and 1873 Two Cent Pieces
    • 1863-1873 Three Cent Silver Pieces
    • 1884-1887 NON-PROOF (Business Strike) 3 Cent Nickel
    • All 1871-1881 Shield Nickels
    • 1811 & 1822 Capped Bust Dimes
    • 1885, 1886 (G/Better) and 1912-S Liberty Nickels
    • 1913-D & S Ty. II, 1916/16, 1921-S (XF/Better w/ Full Horn) 1924-S (VF/Better w/ Full Horn), 1926-S (VF/Better w/ Full Horn) Buffalo Nickels
    • 1916-D, 1921 (VG/Better), 1921-D (VG/Better) Mercury Dimes
    • 1796, 1804, 1823, 1827 Bust Quarters
    • 1896-S, 1901-S, 1913-S 1914-S Barber Quarters
    • 1916, 1918/7-S, 1919-D, 1921, 1923-S Standing Liberty Quarters
    • Pre 1820 Bust Half Dollars
    • 1916PDS, 1919PDS (Fine/Better)1921PD Walker Halves
    • 1794 Flowing Hair Dollars
    • 1851, 1852, 1858, 1870-S & 1873-CC Liberty Seated Dollars
    • Carson City Trade Dollars
    • All Carson City & 1893-1895 Morgan Dollars

This list is only a sampling of some specific needs we presently have.  Please offer us any and all items that you are interested in selling by either using the SELL US YOUR COINS page, emailing us at mail@reedededge.comor by calling us at (301) 724-0400.

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