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1859-S $2.50 LIBERTY GOLD, PCGS MS-65
1908 $10.00 INDIAN GOLD, W/ MOTTO, PCGS MS-65

Raleigh Coin Show Offers Numerous Buying Opportunities
Next up - Whitman's Baltimore Coin Show

June 30, 2015 - The Raleigh Coin Club's Annual North Carolina State Coin Show always affords opportunity, but we never know exactly how. Although sales were unusually sluggish, this was one of our better buying shows of the year. We were listing new purchases on our web store and our eBay store from the show, selling coins electronically at a pace not seen since FUN. It is sometimes hard to figure out why one one thing works while another is totally stagnant, but that seems to characterize the current coin market environment. The bottom line is that the market is still exhibiting underlying strength, although it is neither predictable or across-the-board. We still have full faith in the coin market, and are not letting up on our travel schedule throughout the summer months. Next up for us will be the important Whitman Coin and Collectible Expo in downtown Baltimore, MD. This show is the undisputed number one national coin show outside of January FUN and the Summer ANA. In light of the recent unrest in Baltimore, we would like to emphasize this important point; Baltimore's Inner Harbor area is as safe as any urban tourist area in the United States. The mayor and city council are not fools. They realize that tourism is of HUGE importance to the city's economy, and have taken steps since the riots to boost police presence and security overall. As Maryland natives that have spent the majority of our lives in this state, we can assure our out-of-state friends that there has never been a safer time to travel to our state's cities and urban areas, Baltimore included. We understand that summer poses different challenges for many of you, but we hope to see all of our usual trading partners and customers at this show. To miss this venue out of fear, in our opinion, is just downright foolish.

June has been an active month. The business, although not always outwardly obvious, has been consistent and rather steady. Sales have spanned coins and currency at all price points. Better date Morgans are still enjoying their day in the sun, both figuratively and literally. As Summer approaches, this is one area of the market that we sense is still in great demand. Although we are noting a newfound abundance of some collector coins that had previously been short in supply, better date dollars are still not coming out of the woodwork. As a market maker in this segment of the numismatic market, this trend is somewhat concerning. Our saving grace has been a couple of complete sets that were offered to us recently, which has kept our inventory from being depleted. In the absence of these sets, we would be working harder than ever to source scarce cartwheels. From a seller's standpoint, this is both good and bad; the good being that demand hasn't waned and bad from the standpoint that there isn't more product in the marketplace. It is easy to forget how popular this series is, a fact we are not losing sight of even during these historically slower summer months.

Although cheaper bullion prices have lead to increased demand for gold and silver, this phenomenon may be short lived. With the Greek debt crisis looming large and affecting markets all over the world, it will be interesting to see how this situation translates to metals. We are guessing that we may see a new crop of buyers, purchasing metals for security reasons rather than just the speculative buying that has dominated the marketplace for the last several years. To say that we live in interesting times, would be an understatement!

Numismatic sales still are dominating our business. This activity is occurring mostly in the mainstream areas of the numismatic arena. Rare material is a different story. This sector has become more selective, and decisions involving purchases of coins $5000.00 and over seem to be, almost without exception, calculated and measured. The market overall remains on solid footing, especially the collector segment. But as we continually have stressed, it is still very price-sensitive. The dealers who miss this aspect are choking.

We recently purchased a sizable foreign coin collection comprised of thousands of fresh coins that have been off of the market for a minimum of 10 years, and some, for as long as 50 years. Most of this collection was procured in the 1970's and 1980's. Please visit our New Store Items to view our webstore inventory of these world coins. Also, quite a few are exclusively listed on our eBay store, so please check there, as well.

The Reeded Edge remains serious about doing two-way business. Whether you're buying rare coins, selling rare coins, buying or selling gold or silver, or perhaps in the market for vintage toys or collectibles, few rare coin and collectibles firms have a greater presence in the marketplace than The Reeded Edge. Our open checkbook policy means that we want to buy anything from a valuable single item to an entire estate or collection. No deal is EVER too large, and we hate to say no. At The Reeded Edge, we really want to be your go-to rare coin dealer.

Please feel free to call our offices during normal business hours @ 301-724-0400, Robbie's cell after-hours @ 301-876-1332 or Rob's cell after-hours @ 240-422-0118 to discuss any matter of business or just tell us how we're doing. And of course, stay tuned for more great coins, along with further details of upcoming coin shows.

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A FUN Experience

By Miguel Lopez

Although the weather in Florida was a little colder than in past years for this time, it provided a welcomed break from the freezing Maryland temperatures. The 60th edition of the Florida United Numismatist, Inc. (FUN) show turned out to be a steady, daily flow of business from the time the doors opened to the dealers at 8:30 AM until they closed their doors to the masses at 7:00 PM. Both, the wholesale and the retail side were active, especially the wholesale.  Better date Morgan dollars continue to be in strong demand and thus enjoyed a short shelf life (or case life, in our world).  Type coins, as well as the usual popular collector series remained strong with brisk activity.  Proof type and generic, on the other hand, remain weak as do some of the traditional keys.

The show was well attended and enjoyed a diverse spectrum, from beginners to more sophisticated collectors, all looking to fill holes in their collections.

The auction chatter around the bourse floor had mixed feelings.  Some dealers hinted at perhaps a recovery from recent weak auction results, as they were unsuccessful in obtaining lots at their bids.  However, the overall consensus is the auctions remain under performing. Perhaps a strengthening economy will aid in the absorption of some of the available material.

Grading was tight at the early goings of the show, leaving some dealers disappointed.  This situation improved as the show went on, but the overall perception was still below expectations.

I had the opportunity to work for The Reeded Edge during the show and learn from two of the best in the business, Rob Lehmann and Robbie Jenkins.  It was a very successful show, especially under the current market conditions, as we witnessed a significant number of quality coins exchange hands both ways.

The Reeded Edge Launches our 4th Annual Toys for Kids Day with The Salvation Army

December 11, 2014 - This has been a successful year for our company. All of the hard work, both here in the office and on the road, paid dividends with record sales figures. But, it is sometimes easy to get caught up in these personal successes, and forget that there are many amongst us that are far less fortunate. The holidays provide us with the opportunity to give a little something back. The Reeded Edge, once again this year, teamed up with The Salvation Army to sponsor our annual Christmas toy drive. Today's event allowed us to play Santa, handing out wrapped toys to over 40 local grade-school children. The looks on their faces said it all! Perhaps, some of you reading this will be able to help somebody less fortunate this holiday season, as well; from our standpoint, there is no greater reward.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Stolen Coin From the Baltimore Coin Show

September 9, 2014 - The Reeded Edge had a 1927-S Buffalo Nickel, PCGS MS-64, #3962.64/30179690 stolen at July 8th's Whitman Baltimore Coin Show. The coin is a golden white with nice luster and relatively clean surfaces. Originally purchased out of the Heritage June Long Beach auction, this piece is well archived, complete with high resolution photographs. It has a few very distinctive markings, and would be easy to identify in or out of its original holder. A "no questions asked" reward is being offered for its return. Any help from our customers or fellow dealers in recovering this coin is greatly appreciated.

Chicago ANA Extremely Active - Record Number of Invoices Written Over a 10 Day Period

August 12, 2014 - We expected an active week of trading when we left for Chicago nearly two weeks ago. After all, this was The ANA's World's Fair of Money, or in coin show terms, The Big Kahuna. Both preparations and expectations were accelerated for this venue. It is not every show that our bourse area stretched over six tables and was staffed by four people. But then, the ANA was not every show.

From the moment we arrived in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont on Thursday, July 31st, it was evident that the mood of our fellow dealers was both optimistic and upbeat. The summer doldrums were gone as brisk trading ensued. Rob, Robbie and Miguel were slammed from the onset of the PNG pre-show straight through the last day of the main event. Were it not for the additional help of our friend and close associate Arnold Minimen, some of our customers would have gone unattended; It really was that busy! There was absolutely no rest for The Reeded Edge's guys; Between working up new purchases, processing orders, shipping coins and waiting on customers, 12+ hour days were the norm rather than the exception.

Needless to say, after 10 solid days of buying and selling rare coins and collectibles, our inventory has gone through a dramatic shift. Many coins that were featured on our web store, Collector's Corner and eBay were sold, replaced by a new and exciting crop of collector coins. In all, The Reeded Edge did nearly a million dollars of total business. Consequently, you can expect to see many new coins appearing on the store throughout this week.

As for Rob and Robbie, they are going to enjoy a well-needed break with the upcoming weekend spent on the home front. Then, it will be back to the road for a host of late-summer and fall shows. One of the many things that we will be addressing in the next week will be an updated show schedule, so stay tuned.

Finally, we would like to extend a great big thank you to all of our customers and fellow dealers that made this 2014 ANA venue such a success. We were humbled by all of the support and kind words that we received throughout the week. Although this aspect can not be measured in shear numbers, it nonetheless keeps us going and it's what makes this business so worthwhile.

Approval Service Available to Reeded Edge Customers

April 7, 2014 - As you peruse our webstore, you may notice ON HOLD next to the listing of a particular coin. This, amongst other things, could indicate that the coin is out ON APPROVAL to one of our customers. This allows the customer to examine the coin before making payment. For our well established clients, approvals are a preferred way of conducting business. For those not familiar with an approval service, here is how it works: The first step is to build a business relationship with us or any other recognized rare coin firm. If your previous business is with other firms, we ask you to provide three different credit references of dealers that have extended you credit in the immediate past. If your business is in-house, we will evaluate the nature, frequency and dollar amount of your business, and make a credit decision accordingly. Once established, you may use this privilege indefinitely. This gives you the ability to get the coin in-hand, examine it in the privacy of your own home and/or office for 24 hours, and then make your buying decision. This is a great option, and one that MANY of our regular customers take advantage of. Please also note, our approval service is not just for coins. It extends to any item on the webstore with a retail value of $1000.00 or more, including currency, vintage toys, political items, documents & autographs, exonumia and stamps. Please call our offices @ 301-724-0400, Rob on his cell @ 240-422-0118 or Robbie on his cell @ 301-876-1332 to discuss this service further.

Selling your Coins Online

Selling coins online has been a hot topic lately. There are many coin dealers in cyberspace, various regional phone books, and perhaps even in your home town. So, who do you choose when you have rare coins for sale? This is a complex question with no easy answer, but there are some rules that you absolutely should employ when making this important decision. Perhaps most importantly, who is your prospective dealer and what is his/her credentials? Trade associations, full transparency and strong financial references are all important criteria when making this decision. Look for membership in organizations like the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) to name two of the more important trade groups. Everybody who is anybody in the coin business (or any other business for that matter) has a strong web presence in today's day and age. Look for a well developed webstore with an extensive inventory and longevity. All are very important indicators of financial strength and stability. Go to the store's About Me page, and look for additional information on the company and their principals. If this information is hidden or cryptic, you have to ask yourself why. Finally arm yourself with resources. Although there is a LOT of great information online, getting it in a consolidated and concise, usable format can prove very challenging. Here is where a couple of great, time-tested books can be invaluable to you. The Guide Book of United States Coins, or Redbook has been the hobby's standard retail pricing guide since 1947. It is used today as much as ever by collectors around the world. But perhaps your most important single aid in helping you sell your coins for true wholesale prices is The Handbook of United States Coins or Bluebook. Neither of these publications will appear free on a Google search, although both offer online versions for sale.

Whether you are selling gold, silver, rare coins or any other collectible online, you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence. Rare coin dealers are not all the same. Applying some fundamental rules and good common sense to your selling decision can make the experience both pleasant and profitable. Why would you want it any other way?


July 5th, 2014 - Yesterday, I was pondering the fact that our country turned 238 years old. The United States is the oldest westernized democracy in modern history. We are an enigma in many ways, but perhaps the most poignant thing that resonated with me was the fact that we are getting stronger with age. In our younger years, we were constantly challenged. Through history we have had to continue to fight and defend our position, proving time and time again that we were worthy of our status in the world pecking order.

Thirty seven years ago, I conceived the idea of The Reeded Edge. We were going to be a coin dealer that catered to servicing local customers through trade shows one or two weekends per month. It didn't take long for me to figure out that with hard work and persistence, that there just might be a career potential with this business. But figuring something out and actually taking action are two different matters entirely. It took me another twelve years to make the commitment, and take The Reeded Edge into a full time venture. Since then, we too have had our challenges. But despite them (or perhaps, because of them), we have emerged stronger and better to become the company that you know today. To a great extent, the addition of Ray Hunt 15 years ago and Robbie Jenkins 8 years ago, have allowed for that growth. By taking us to the next step, from a technological and numismatic standpoint, we are now able to do things and service our customers in a way that we could not have done in our early years. Like our great nation, I would like to believe that we are on an upward path, solidifying our position in the numismatic arena.

July 4th made me realize that we as a nation have much to be thankful for, and we are lucky in so many ways. My business is no different. In fact, any organization is only as good as the sum total of its parts, and those parts are their people. I like to believe that I remind Ray and Robbie how important they are to our operation on a regular basis. You, our customers, comprise the other part of this group, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, support and patronage. Without you, we could not be where we are today, a fact I never forget or take lightly.  

To all, a Happy Fourth of July holiday and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rob Lehmann
The Reeded Edge, Inc.



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