Customer Service

How do I go about placing an order on your web store?

Placing an order through our web store is actually quite easy and follows a very logical process. When you find an item that you would like to purchase select the quantity you would like to purchase from the drop down number box (if the order quantity is greater than 1) then click the place order button. Our programming will then forward you to a shopping cart page which will show you exactly what items you have reserved for purchase. You can add other items in a similar fashion to your shopping cart. Unlike cookie based systems, our shopping cart doesn’t seem to have a size limit to the number of items you can order. Using the Smart Goback button will take you back to the last list of coins you looked at in case you’re interested in ordering more of the same type coins. Once you have selected all the coins or items you are interested in purchasing, click the checkout button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to a form page where you can review your order, enter your billing/shipping information, select your method of payment, and in the case of a credit card, enter your card information. Once you’ve filled all the necessary information, click the finalize order button and wait for the completed order page to appear (sometimes it may take a little while to load). Once that appears your order is completed and a confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address you provided.

Is it safe entering credit card or other personal information on your site?

Absolutely! While we do not encrypt the individual item listings on our store (that would slow down the loading time of each page and inconvenience the shopper) our checkout page and the information submitted to it is transmitted through a secure connection using the latest and highest encryption technology. Two easy ways to tell that you are on a secured page is that the address in the browser window will begin with the letters “https” instead of “http”.Older versions of the Internet Explorer browser will display a yellow lock near the bottom right hand corner of the browser window. The Firefox browser will display a glowing key in the address window and lower right hand corner of the browser window. Furthermore, any information that you submit to us using our site will be used only for the express purpose of conducting transactions with you and The Reeded Edge, Inc. We do not sell, loan, rent, or share our customer’s information with outside sources.

What is Live Assistance?

Live Assistance is a tool that is available to you while you are shopping our webstore. If you are having problems placing an order or have questions regarding a particular item click on the live assistance icon near the top right hand corner of the page. Another window will appear where you can enter your question, your name, and email address. During our regular business hours M-F 9:30am – 5:00pm, you will have the option of chatting live with one of our representatives or emailing your question to us. After hours and on weekends, our high priority Live Assistance email system is still available for your use.

How will my credit card statement reflect your billing?

Any charges for purchases from The Reeded Edge, Inc. will appear on your statement as Fidelity Numismatics, which is the name on our merchant account.

Why are some items more expensive to ship?

Since most of our numismatics and collectibles are small and weigh very little we base our shipping charges on the dollar value of the purchase. There are some items like coin rolls, collections, and sets that do weigh significantly more than a few ounces and we charge a small additional fee per item to cover the added postage costs.

If I make an offer on an “Elite Certified Offering”, am I obligated to purchase it?

No. We will consider your offer and then respond one of three ways. Either we’ll accept your offer, we’ll be unable to accept your offer, or if we’re close we may counter offer. It is then up to you to confirm your intent and finalize the sale. Obviously we discourage offers that are not sincere or serious.

What if I’m having trouble viewing an item?

To the best of our knowledge, all images for all items should be available for viewing at all times. However there are instances where they may be problems with our server or with the connection from your computer to our website. If you do have a problem viewing items on our website feel free to use Live Assistance to bring this problem to our attention or you can email our webmaster at

What is the turnaround time for shipping my order?

Orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days after they are received. In many instances orders go out the same day, depending on the time of day the order is received and our current workload.

Are all items in stock?

Yes. Our web store is powered by a live database that is an accurate reflection of our current inventory. We do not intentionally list items that are out of stock nor do we list items on a “pre-order” basis. There may be a instance where, due to clerical error, a quantity is misreported, but such is an extremely rare occurance.

How do I go about selling you coins and/or collectibles?

Click the link labeled “Sell Us Your Coins”, fill out the information (be sure to leave us a phone number, email address, or both!), and click submit. Please, if at all possible attach an image of the item or items you wish to sell. Up to 5 images may be included with your submission. We recommend that you use a scanner or digital camera to take images of your items then save the images to a folder on your desktop in JPEG (.jpg) format. Attaching an image to your submission is an easy process. Click the “browse” button next to an image blank on the form page. This will open up a explorer window for your computer which you can use to find the images you saved. Once you find one of the images for your item(s) click on the image then click the open button. The path to your image will then be correctly placed in the image blank on the form. We usually respond to sale requests within 1 business day.

What if I’m interested in purchasing an item that I don’t currently see on your web store?

Click the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Want List”, fill out the form and click the submit button. We retain want lists for hundreds of customers each month and will be glad to carry yours as well. When we locate a suitable example from your want list, we’ll contact you via phone or email and offer it to you.

Are images (when applicable) for the actual item that I will receive?

Yes. In fact, all items that have images are photographed in-house by our technical officer, Ray Hunt. Ray has been on staff since 1999 and is an experienced digital photographer.
Two-headed and two-tailed coins are what are referred to as “trick coins” and aside from being useful for a few magic tricks and a flip or two, have no numismatic or monetary value.