The Reeded Edge will take your excess gold and silver coins as payment. Below are the current exchange rates that we will credit you for your Reeded Edge web store purchases. These prices refresh every 60 seconds and are directly tied to the current gold and silver markets. On the checkout page, please choose the gold/silver trade-in payment option. Please provide us with a daytime phone number so that we may confirm your order. Please do not send any gold or silver as payment until you receive a verbal confirmation. Thank you and happy shopping!


Silver Eagles$24.70 per coin
90% U.S. Coin Silver$16.46 per $1 face value
1942-45 War Nickels$0.94 per nickel
40% Silver Half Dollars$2.94 per half
Miscellaneous .999 Silver Bars/Rounds$23.52 per ounce
Complete .925 Franklin Mint Sets w/Box, Papers$17.64 per ounce
Pre-1921 Morgan Dollars VG/better$25.87 and up per coin
1921 Morgan & Peace Dollars VG/better$25.87 and up per coin


1 ounce Gold Eagles$1,944.05 per coin
1 ounce Krugerrands$1,847.81 per coin
1 ounce Maples$1,867.06 per coin
Miscellaneous small Gold Eagles$1,944.05 per ounce of gold content
Miscellaneous Gold Rounds/Bars$1,809.31 per ounce of bars
Sovereigns$433.08 per coin
France 20 Franc$346.46 per coin
Miscellaneous Foreign Gold$1,828.56 per ounce of gold content
Mexico 2 Pesos$89.50 per coin
Mexico 2 1/2 Pesos$112.60 per coin
Mexico 5 Pesos$221.35 per coin
Mexico 10 Pesos$442.70 per coin
Mexico 20 Pesos$885.41 per coin
Mexico 50 Pesos$2,309.76 per coin
U.S. $5 Gold (VF & better)$500.45 and higher per coin
U.S. $10 Gold (VF & better)
$914.28 and higher per coin
U.S. $20 Gold (VF & better)$1,847.81 and higher per coin