Meet the Reeded Edge

Robert Lehmann

is the founder of the Reeded Edge. As president, he oversees all aspects of the company’s business. Robert’s credentials include a Business and Marketing degree from the University of Maryland. He is a LIFE MEMBER of the American Numismatic Association, a LIFE MEMBER of the prestigious National Silver Dollar Round Table, as well as a LIFE MEMBER of bothF.U.N. and C.S.N.S. Robert is also an authorized dealer for the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), an authorized dealer for the American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS). His accomplishments in the areas of numismatics are numerous, including assembling 2 of the world’s finest early dollar sets and 3 world-class Morgan Silver Dollar sets. He has bought and sold over one hundred million dollars worth of rare coins spanning a 20+ year career in the numismatic hobby. Robert is a regular on the national coin show circuit, displaying at over 25 shows per year. He enjoys writing, and has contributed articles to various hobby publications including the Coin Dealer Newsletter.

Robbie Jenkins

is a senior numismatist for the Reeded Edge. Robbie holds a BS degree in Economics and a BS degree in political science from Frostburg State University. He is a long-time collector of U.S. coins, paper money and exonumia with a broad knowledge in many areas of numismatics. Robbie served as the sole ANA Numismatic Intern from June, 2007 until August, 2007. His responsibilities with the ANA included working with the museum staff, organizing and cataloging portions of the ANA’s collection, as well as researching and handling U.S. coins, ancient coins and paper money. Robbie also served as a library assistant for the ANA, helping members to locate appropriate reference material. He even assisted patrons in valuing their coins. Robbie is a member of the ANA, Western Maryland Coin Club, Early American Coppers and Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists. He is also a member of PCGS, NGC and CoinTalk online forums. Robbie has earned numerous awards, both in and outside of the hobby in recognition of his outstanding leadership skills.

Ray Hunt

is the Chief Information Officer for The Reeded Edge. Ray, who holds an Associate degree in Computer Science as well as a bachelor’s degree in marketing, both from Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD., serves as the company’s webmaster. Ray was previously employed as a disc jockey for a popular local radio station, is familiar with all areas of the Reeded Edge’s operations, and is especially well versed in all technical matters. As a hobby he is the bass player in a local rock band, “Social Grudge”, and he also writes and records his own music.

Tammy Lehmann

is in charge of shipping and packaging. Tammy has worked in many facets of the corporation over the years. Her current responsibilities include customer correspondence, invoicing and shipping. The Reeded Edge sends as many as several hundred packages a week, thanks in a great part to Tammy’s efforts.

The Reeded Edge uses the help of several other part-time employees who work with the company on a “will-call” basis.