The Reeded Heads to Charlotte for the N.C.N.A. Annual Convention

Rob and Robbie will be gassing up The Reeded Edge mobile this week to head towards southwestern North Carolina for The North Carolina Numismatic Association’s Annual Convention and Coin Show. This is a quirky and intimate southern show where we never know quite what to expect. The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is about 15 minutes […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Fredericksburg to VNA Coin Show

Ask Rob and Robbie what their single favorite coin show of the year is, and they will probably both answer VNA. The Virginia Numismatic Association Annual Convention is just the perfect mix of everything. It’s not too big but yet not too small. Although populated by mostly regional dealers, it also attracts some national players. The crowd […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Solid Gettysburg Show-Home for a Week Before Heading to Fredericksburg

Both Rob and Robbie concurred that Gettysburg was decent, but surprisingly absent was the usual, brisk retail activity associated with this show. There were bodies in the room, and from an attendance perspective, the show was on par. But what lacked for sales, was more than made up for with buying. The guys spent almost […]

Ohio State Coin Show Resounding Success-Next up, Gettysburg

This time of year marks one of those rare instances when we come off of one favorite coin show only to turn around and head to another that we like equally as much (albeit for slightly different reasons). Let’s first talk about last week’s Ohio State Coin Show (OSCS) in Dublin, Ohio. Although there are […]

Labor Day Weekend Ohio State Coin Show a Perennial Fan Favorite

It’s hard to believe that summer is winding down. As the old cliche inquires, where did the time go? In many people’s minds, Labor Day marks summer’s last hurrah; with the start of college football, the kids going back to school and families sneaking in their last vacations, this weekend symbolizes the transition of both […]

2019 ANA World’s Fair of Money Exceeds All Expectations

The 2019 Chicago A.N.A. World’s Fair of Money is now in the books, and once again, Rosemont did not disappoint. Rob, Robbie, Miguel and Ron were all hands on deck for the majority of the show, with The Reeded Edge’s booth double-stacked with customers for much of the time. (The picture to the left was […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Rosemont for the ANA World’s Fair of Money

There is nothing more that we can say about this week’s ANA World’s Fair of Money that hasn’t already been said. Simply stated, this is the biggest numismatic event of the year. Thousands of dealers and collectors from all over the world will convene in Rosemont, IL for a week of non-stop numismatic activity. Rob […]

Two Back-to-Back Northern Virginia Coin Shows Test Strength of D.C. Market

Conventional wisdom doesn’t always prevail, especially when two coin show promoters don’t coordinate their dates. That is the situation that we face this week, as we travel back to Northern Virginia for the Vienna Quarterly Coin Show. Happily, the first leg of this journey was successful; the Annandale Coin Show managed to fill the room […]

Orlando Heats up for Summer FUN-Next up, Annandale

Surprises are not just for birthdays and spouses caught off guard. Occasionally, we get them in numismatics. Even more occasionally, they are actually good! Such was the case with last week’s Summer FUN show. We had been hearing mediocre reports from previous Summer FUN venues, but when Rob viewed the dealer list combined with the […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Orlando for Summer FUN – Happy Birthday USA!

It is amazing how time flies. Just yesterday, we were talking about warming temperatures and the corresponding (and predictable) summer slow-down in the coin market. We were right for 50% of our prognostication. Although many coin traders who make their living selling exclusively to other re-sellers have reported a decrease in sales, we are not […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Raleigh, North Carolina for the Annual Raleigh Coin Club Show

Several years ago when we re-focused our energy on southern U.S. coin shows, it was the Raleigh show was the impetus for us. This show has always been a solid collector show that is well supported by a myriad of southern dealers, as well as the efforts one of the country’s great coin clubs, The […]

June Baltimore Show Lackluster? NOT!!

This year’s June Baltimore show was a recipe for disaster. For one, it wasn’t in June. Instead, Whitman was forced to juggle their dates and held it on Memorial Day weekend. Historically, the June Baltimore show is the smallest and least active of the 3 yearly shows held at the Baltimore Convention Center. So, our […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Richmond

Thankfully, Richmond is back on our radar. The Richmond Coin Club Show has always been one of our favorite venues, especially for a smaller club show. We are really pleased that we have been able to work this show back into our regular rotation. Rob and Robbie will be on hand Friday and Saturday at […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful Central States Show

The conclusion of The Central States Numismatic Convention proved interesting, to say the least. An unexpected spring snow storm moved in on Saturday, cancelling flights and altering travel plans. Rob and Robbie ended up driving 600 miles home with another east coast coin dealer, each one a casualty of cancelled flights. Travel hassles aside, Central […]

The Reeded Edge heads to Schaumburg, IL for 80th Annual Central States Numismatic Convention

The upcoming spring Central States 80th Annual Numismatic Convention should be robust. By all accounts, the coin market is healthy and has found an equilibrium trading range that most dealers seem comfortable with. The metals markets also seem to have stabilized. With the reemergence of on-site, third party grading, all the necessary components for a […]

Inaugural Gettysburg Spring Show is a Resounding Success

There is no luck anymore when it comes to coin shows. The good ones are a result of a hard work and a dedicated effort. The Battlefield Coin Show, and more specifically, organizer Mike Dixon, hits the mark on both counts. He and his group of volunteers understand what it takes to make a coin […]

Pittsburgh ANA WAY Above Expectations-This Week, On to Gettysburg

We can only hope that this week’s Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg, PA is anywhere near as active as last week’s surprise in Pittsburgh. To say that the ANA’s National Money Show over-performed is probably an  understatement. We went into this venue with tempered expectations, expecting something similar to the regional PAN Show, also held […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Pittsburgh for The National Money Show

Ordinarily, the early-spring ANA show is of little interest to us. This scaled down version of it’s big-brother summer gala is usually held in smaller secondary markets with dealer and public attendance that is mediocre, at best. But ordinarily, this show is not held in a major mid-Atlantic location, which just happens to be less […]

Baltimore Proves to be a Blockbuster Despite Challenging Circumstances

Aside from FUN and the summer ANA’s World’s Fair of Money, there is not a better coin show in the country than Baltimore. This played out once again for us last week, as we had a steady and profitable five days of trading. The robust pace of Baltimore is a pleasant exception to coin shows […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Baltimore for The Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo

It’s that time of year again, as the mid-Atlantic region prepares for their premier coin show, The Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo. What can we say about this stalwart show that hasn’t already been said? Aside from FUN and the ANA World’s Fair of Money, this ranks as many dealer’s top show of the year […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to St. Louis-Annual Airport Show a Collector Favorite

We have said on many occasions that we prefer coin shows that are collector-oriented. The St. Louis Airport Hilton’s Greater American Coin Fair is just that. This is an old fashioned coin show in its truest sense. The venue is undersized for the number of tabled dealers, and the aisles between the rows of bourse tables […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Northern Virginia for the Vienna Quarterly Coin Show

Now that we have come up for air after a frenetic FUN Show, we are ready to get back on the road again. What better way to break the ice than one of our favorite local coin shows? This weekend, Rob and Robbie will be off to The Vienna Community Center for The Vienna Quarterly […]

FUN starts the year off with a BANG!

There was some trepidation going into 2019 Florida United Numismatists (or FUN) show. The dealer sector of the coin market had experienced its highs and lows in 2018, and struggled to maintain any sense of consistency. However, retail was the one constant, as collectors remained active throughout the year. The challenge with coin shows is […]

It’s FUN time – The Reeded Edge Heads to Orlando Mega-Show!

Irrespective of the state of the coin market, one thing is for certain: F.U.N. will be well attended and active. The annual Florida United Numismatist Convention has a reputation, and fundamentally, it’s for good reason. For starts, this is always the show that kicks off the new year, and with it the optimistic outlook for […]

Happy New Year from ALL of Us at The Reeded Edge!

Ordinarily, this space is utilized to talk about coins and the coin market, and for those of you expecting more of the same, we apologize. We wanted to take this moment to reflect upon all of the wonderful people that we have met throughout the year. Admittedly, we all get so caught up in the […]

The Reeded Edge Looks Ahead to FUN; Reflecting on 2018

We hope everybody is enjoying their holiday season. No matter what holiday you observe, this is a time for us to reflect and be thankful for all that the previous year has afforded us. From a numismatic perspective, there certainly were a lot of twists and turns, making this an unpredictable year, at the very […]

Happy Holidays from The Reeded Edge

We try to make a point of using this forum to convey observations, patterns, trends and changes that are affecting the coin market. Obviously, we also use it for a more self-serving purpose and that it is to keep our readers abreast of new inventory and company plans on the horizon. But today, we want […]

Happy Holidays from The Reeded Edge-Closing Out Year with The Annandale Coin Show

It’s hard to believe that we are in the midst of yet another holiday season. Where did the year go? In retrospect, the coin market has been a real wildcard. Certain areas, such as eye appealing collector coins have remained strong and seemed in short supply throughout the year. Other areas, like generic Walkers, Dollars […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Robust; Last Show of 2018 on Horizon

Black Friday Sales Soar! The holiday season kicked off with a bang this year. Supported by the strongest consumer confidence in the economy seen in 18 years, Black Friday total sales estimates from Mastercard were up 9%. Adobe Analytics reported a 24% increase in online sales from 2017, climaxing at a record $6.2 billion. The […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Reeded Edge

It really is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us again. 2018 has been a challenging year for the coin market in many ways, but thanks largely to you, our customers, we have persevered. Throughout the year, this market has become much more selective. This selectivity goes in tandem with the full throttle […]

Vienna, VA Quarterly Coin Show Concludes Reeded Edge’s Show Marathon

Vienna was not a great coin show, but nor was it bad either. Coming one week after the Whitman Baltimore show, we had tempered expectations. Separated geographically by a mere 40 miles, the danger of market saturation was imminent. However, to a certain extent, Vienna has always marched to it’s own tune. There was an […]

Whitman Baltimore Coin Show Terrific Despite Market Challenges – The Reeded Edge Heads to Vienna, VA for The Vienna Coin Show

There were several takeaways from last week’s Whitman Baltimore Coin and Collectibles Exposition. First and foremost, the wholesale market challenges are very real. In a nutshell, there simply aren’t enough fresh coins to supply this sector. Consequently, stagnant inventories cause prices to depress. Depressing prices result in dealers holding coins longer than they should. By […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Richmond, VA for The Richmond Coin Club Show

This weekend will be like visiting an old friend again, as we reunite our ties with The Richmond Coin Club for The Richmond Coin Club Fall Coin and Currency Show. It has been several years since we have set up at this local event, our absence caused by a conflict with a national coin show, […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful NCNA Show

Coin shows anymore are like walking up to the craps table; one never knows how the dice will fall. There are however some shows that have enough history and tradition that a certain expectation follows. The NCNA, unfortunately, is not such a show. The show has struggled for identity and stability as it has moved […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Charlotte for The NCNA Coin Show

The coin market has been both healthy and steady, a very good sign going into the fall season. Collectors seem to be active in most series, with few if any exceptions. Coming off of a productive VNA Coin Show in Fredericksburg, VA, we are cautiously optimistic that this momentum will continue. This Thursday, the guys […]

VNA Delivers!

Coming off of a week with 2 sub-par coins shows, we were really hoping to breath some new life into our month. Happily, VNA did just that, and then some. From the show’s outset, you could feel a buzz absent from both Gettysburg and PAN the previous week. Dealer activity was both fast and furious, […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Lackluster PAN Show and Heads to Fredericksburg for VNA

Usually PAN is one of our favorite coin shows. Pittsburgh is almost in our backyard, and few coin clubs are run better than PAN. What then could possibly go wrong? Well, this time around-just about everything! Due to a scheduling conflict with the Whitman Baltimore Coin Show (which was NO fault of PAN’s), PAN realized […]

Ohio State Coin Show Demonstrates Once Again Why They are The Best Run Show in The Country!

This is a strong statement, and it’s not to be taken lightly. The Ohio State Coin Show on Labor Day Weekend in Dublin, Ohio proved once again why it is the single best run coin show in the country! How many show promoters would try to hold their venue on one of the most traveled weekends […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Dublin for The Ohio State Coin Show

This weekend, we will be launching our end-of-Summer, early-Fall coin show tour starting with one of our perennial favorites. Rob and Robbie will be heading to Dublin, Ohio for The Central Ohio Numismatic Association’s Annual Ohio State Coin Show. This 50+ table show hosts one of the best mixes of dealers and collectors found throughout the […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Terrific Philadelphia A.N.A.!

The A.N.A.’s Worlds Fair of Money is now in the history books. As we have mentioned previously, this is the biggest coin show of the year, so build-up and expectations both ran high. We are happy to report that the show delivered in all aspects. We suspected that Philadelphia both geographically and demographically would be […]

ANA Active-Details Forthcoming

The ANA Show in Philadelphia has been VERY busy, so much so that we haven’t even had a chance to do a thorough update. But rest assured, it is forthcoming in the very near future. Stay tuned!

The Reeded Edge Heads to Philadelphia for The A.N.A. World’s Fair of Money

It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year again for the granddaddy of coin shows. It seems like just yesterday that we were across the country in Denver, and viola, that same show is upon us again. Fortunately, this year’s venue is conveniently located in Philadelphia, which translates to a driving show for […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Vienna, VA for our Last Pre-ANA Coin Show

It sounds really strange to be discussing the A.N.A.’s World’s Fair of Money again. It seems like just yesterday that we were heading to Denver for our annual pilgrimage. Thank goodness this year is in Philly. The obvious advantage for us is that this is a driving show. But more importantly, Philadelphia is right in […]

July Feels a Bit Strange Despite Steady Sales

Have you ever had that feeling that something just isn’t right? Perhaps it was in school; you had the answer, and despite checking and double checking the problem, something about it just didn’t look correct. Logic said that everything was in order, but your gut was telling you otherwise. That in a nutshell describes the […]

The Reeded Edge Moves Our Offices & Prepares for Annandale Coin Show

This has been a busy two weeks for us, as we have moved into a new larger office suite. None of our contact information has changed; we are still at the same physical address, albeit with MUCH more space. The whole staff is excited about our new “digs”. If for any reason you felt our […]

We Need Your Feedback!

In the last week, two different customers contacted us about missing images on item listings. Had they not informed us of the problem, we would probably still be unaware of it. No big deal, right? WRONG! This is a VERY big deal to us, as we take both our webstore and online presence seriously. We […]


Since we are between coin shows, there is not a lot of road activity to talk about. However, we do get a fairly good read on the market from our home office. We are hearing some of the typical summertime blues from the wholesale traders, but that activity (or lack of) is more seasonal than […]

Baltimore Show a Resounding Success

Even though Baltimore is geographically in our back yard, we still tempered our expectations for the June Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo. Coming only one week after Long Beach, which essentially is the west coast version of  the Baltimore show, several national coin firms were absent. Despite smaller dealer attendance, Baltimore still proved to be […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Baltimore

It is that time of year again, as The Reeded Edge will be heading east to The Baltimore Convention Center and the Summer Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo. Wholesale trading commences tomorrow, as Rob and Robbie will be seeing a host of regular trading partners. Our initial impression from scheduling appointments is that many larger […]

The Reeded Edge Returns from Raleigh and Prepares for Baltimore

As we have said in previous posts, we are full swing into coin show season. Last week’s Raleigh Coin Club Show kicked off June for us, while Baltimore continues the process next week. Unfortunately, this Raleigh show was nowhere near as good for us as last year’s venue. Perhaps, it was the June date (this […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds for The Raleigh Coin Show

We don’t like to play favorites, because truth-be-known, we enjoy all coin shows and interacting with our friends, associates and peers on the road. But, The Raleigh Coin Show does hold a special place in our heart.  Raleigh is a really friendly area of the country. There is a lot of truth to the concept […]

June Coin Shows Rapidly Approaching

June is traditionally a travel month for us, and this year will be no exception. The Spring coin show schedule will conclude with two of our favorite venues, Raleigh, NC and Baltimore, MD. Rob and Robbie will head to The North Carolina State Fairgrounds next week for the annual Raleigh Coin Show. This  show is […]

Report from New Orleans: PCGS Trade and Grade Active!

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE LEGEND REGENCY SALE 1942-S Mercury Dime, PCGS MS-68 FB Realized $8812.50 1936-D Rhode Island Half Dollar, PCGS MS-68 CAC Realized $43475.00 1883 Hawaii Quarter Dollar, PCGS PR-67 CAM CAC Realized $61687.50   Although we did not attend last week’s PCGS Trade and Grade in New Orleans, the reviews of the show seem […]

PAN Show was a Strong Indicator for the Summer Coin Show Season

PAN, once again, managed to perform beyond expectations. This happened without seeing many of our collector regulars. Attendance for the show was still above average, with a fair number of serious collectors in the room with want lists in tow. We believe that all indicators are pointing towards a favorable summer coin show season. This […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Monroeville for P.A.N.

Well, it’s that time again. Rob and Robbie will be taking their 2 hour car trip to Pittsburgh for the always-popular, bi-annual P.A.N. Coin Show. We love this show for two reasons. First and foremost, this is a great show with a rich history that is always well attended by both collectors and dealers. It […]


We had a sense that the coin market had found stability. We sensed going into  last week’s Central States Numismatic Convention in Schaumburg, IL that the tentativeness prevalent at recent coin shows might even be absent. But never in our wildest expectations did we think that the show mood would be so uniformly bullish. It […]

Sales Remain Brisk, as The Reeded Edge Gets Ready to Head to Schaumburg for The Central States Numismatic Convention

With a major numismatic show on the horizon, it’s nice to see the coin market on such an even keel. The market’s consistency will be tested next week in Schaumburg, IL as hundreds of national rare coin firms will gather to trade for the week during the much-anticipated Central States Numismatic Convention. This is the […]

Market Remains Steady & Active After Baltimore Coin Show

This week, there really is nothing new to report. As of those of you who that follow the coin market with any regularity probably already realize, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, just sustaining a level of activity after a major coin show is a victory. Sales remain steady and so does buying. This […]

Despite Weather Challenges, Whitman Baltimore Coin Show Stellar!

The Whitman Baltimore Coin Show certainly didn’t start out well. Our trip out of Cumberland last Tuesday almost didn’t get past the first mountain. Two jack-knifed tractor trailers had the snowy I-68 east bound lanes closed, forcing us to use an emergency pass-through on the interstate to reverse direction, exit the interstate and try our […]

Annandale Coin Show a Success; Eyes Turn Towards Irvine, Texas and The ANA National Money Show

We were pleased with the turn-out at last week’s Annandale Coin Show. Despite this being the first time this venue was held in March, compounded by a severe wind storm that passed through the area Friday night, promoter Wayne Herndon still managed to have the show ready for business on Saturday. Although our sales figures […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Annandale; Reports from Last Week’s Long Beach Show Positive

The Spring coin show season is just around the corner. From a cyclical standpoint, this is usually the most active time of the year for the coin market. This weekend, The Reeded Edge heads to Annandale for The Annandale Coin Show. Both Rob and Robbie will be on-hand with an array of new collector coins. […]

Coin Market Steady – Dealers Flock to Long Beach; Next up, Annandale

Although we are not attending this week’s Long Beach Coin and Collectible Expo, the reports that we are getting from our agents are favorable. Activity seems to be brisk and coins are selling, which are both positive signs. Here on the home front, we are seeing much of the same. Orders in the office have […]

Coin Market Unaffected by Financial Market Volatility

We have always professed that the coin market largely marches to it’s own music. At no time has this been more apparent than during the last two weeks. While the financial markets have been on daily roller coaster, the coin market seems to be sailing on glassy seas. This is consistent with an observation we […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to St. Louis for The Greater American Coin Fair

It’s that time of year again where we brave the unpredictable elements, and travel to an area where weather can always be a challenge in February, but the show always seems to pay dividends. We are referring to the active Greater American Coin Fair located at the Airport Hilton, literally across Highway I-70 from the […]

A Great Vienna Show Offers Promise for the Future

We didn’t know what to expect in Vienna, VA last weekend. After all, it had been 3 years since we had last done this venue, and we we unsure of whether the redesign of the community center would help or hurt it. The other uncertainty was the Vienna mail list, as this was an aging […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Vienna, VA for the Resurrected Vienna Quarterly Coin Show

We have been patiently waiting for this day, and this weekend, it is upon us. The Vienna, VA Community Center has completed its multi-year renovation, and the longstanding Vienna Quarterly Coin and Stamp Show is ready to resume its regular schedule. As many of you are aware, this was for many years one of the […]

Lackluster Wilmington Coin Show Demonstrates Ongoing Struggles of Club Shows

Last weekend’s Wilmington Coin Show demonstrated a trend of many smaller club shows. Although there were bodies in the room, serious customers purchasing any numismatic coins of consequence were absent. Dealers with raw coins, modern coins and bullion reported activity, albeit at mostly lower price-points. One dealer who we talked to said that he had […]


There always is a little bit of uncertainty when coming into a major coin show off of a long hiatus. This holds especially true when the market has been rather tentative. The annual Florida United Numismatists Show (FUN) proved that the coin market was more starved for material than it was concerned about past performance. […]

Happy New Year from The Reeded Edge!

It’s that time of year again when we reflect back on the previous year and all that went with it. In retrospect, this has been a challenging year, as the coin market at times, struggled to maintain its footing. There were some areas, such as silver dollars, that were largely stable throughout the year. Other […]


We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas. Our office will be closing early on Friday, December 22nd and will not reopen until Tuesday, December 26th. We hope that your holiday is memorable, and wish you all of the good tidings that go with this festive time of […]

ALL Coins & Collectibles Marked Down during our “Countdown to Christmas SALE”

We want to first take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year . Irrespective of the holiday that you celebrate, we hope that this season brings you joy and happiness. For those of you that procrastinate with your holiday shopping, we have some good news. Many […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Northern Virginia for The Annandale Coin Show

This weekend, The Reeded Edge will officially conclude our 2017 show schedule when we attend The Annandale Coin Show in Fairfax County, VA.  Both Rob and Robbie will be on hand Saturday and Sunday to meet and greet collectors at this always-popular holiday venue. The Reeded Edge will have their usual diverse selection of certified […]

The Coin Market Starts to Show Signs of Holiday Activity

Through all of the uncertainty of the recent coin market, one constant seems to hold true. Holiday activity will jump start an unpredictable market and give it some sense of stability, albeit temporary. So far, this season seems to be following that pattern. Granted, we are only out of the starting blocks, but Black Friday […]

Happy Thanksgiving – The Reeded Edge Reflects on the 2017 Coin Market

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us. The weather is beginning to give us a hint, as are the occasional  decorations that have been popping up around town and the store meat coolers stuffed full with turkeys. Although it has been a rather strange, and at times unpredictable year, it also […]

What Exactly is a Fresh Coin?

November 15, 2017 – You hear us throw around the adjective fresh when describing a coin.  So often, in this trade we use terminology that only other dealers understand. It has dawned on us that many of you may not know exactly what we mean by fresh, so elaboration is probably in order. Fresh, when referring […]

Baltimore Turns Out to be a Resounding Success!

November 14, 2017- Whitman and Baltimore, once again, delivered. This wasn’t as robust a coin show as some of the Baltimore’s of years-past, but it was still an active and profitable venue. In the present market environment, that’s all that we can ask for. Dealers seemed to be a bit more optimistic that perhaps the […]

Scumbag Alert!

November 14, 2017 – This goes out to the few of you that think it’s OK to abscond with our coins, money or both. NEWS FLASH – This is called stealing, and will not be tolerated. We want to let our position on this type of activity be known. First, we will prosecute you to […]

Our Thoughts on Reselling Auction Coins

April 13, 2017 – We wanted to take a moment to discuss a very important part of our business plan. In the coin business, we are judged by our peers in a number of different areas including the diversity and scope of our inventory, our expertise in the field of numismatics, and perhaps most importantly our […]