One thing is for sure and that is this pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, new models seem to indicate that although COVID19 is an extremely serious disease, the mortality rate is not nearly as high as originally thought. Although there will always be second guessing, it appears that measures taken out of the gate (such as the China travel ban) saved numerous lives and limited the spread. Combine this with a rigorous and widespread acceptance of self-isolation and social distancing, and we further limited the collateral damage while flattening the curve. The net result is that we will finally be able to re-open the country and put people back to work. This certainly is great news, something we all could use a little of lately.

The coin market seems to have weathered the storm well. Perhaps this is a result of collectors staying at home and working on their collections. In addition, metals markets have remained strong with the demand for physical gold and silver as high as any in recent memory. We have also noticed a consorted effort on the part of the dealer community to support one and other through these uncertain times. Admittedly, we are are a resilient bunch, but none of us have ever been tested like this before. Hopefully, at the end of the day, the numismatic hobby will emerge, bigger, stronger and on more solid footing than ever before. As we have said often during this crisis, we remain cautiously optimistic for all of the above!