Orlando Heats up for Summer FUN-Next up, Annandale

Ernst Community CenterSurprises are not just for birthdays and spouses caught off guard. Occasionally, we get them in numismatics. Even more occasionally, they are actually good! Such was the case with last week’s Summer FUN show. We had been hearing mediocre reports from previous Summer FUN venues, but when Rob viewed the dealer list combined with the great Orange County Convention Center location, he decided that he was all-in. Together with our associate, John Kamauff, The Reeded Edge made their presence known in Orlando for all four days, conducting business with both dealers and collectors. The attendance was way above expectation, with the hall remaining full until the closing bell on Saturday afternoon.  Although this show really wasn’t on our radar in the past, we will definitely be supporting it in the future. Kudos to the whole staff of FUN, that despite the challenges of the summer season, put on a regional show of epic proportion. Next up for The Reeded Edge will be The Annandale Coin Show on July 27-28 in Annandale, VA. This is a great two day show, in demographically, one of the best areas in the entire country. The guys don’t really plan for Annandale, but that never stops something from happening. We hope that the D.C. area is in your plans for next weekend, as Rob and Robbie would love to see you at this great weekend show.

The Reeded Edge Heads to Orlando for Summer FUN – Happy Birthday USA!

FUN 2019It is amazing how time flies. Just yesterday, we were talking about warming temperatures and the corresponding (and predictable) summer slow-down in the coin market. We were right for 50% of our prognostication. Although many coin traders who make their living selling exclusively to other re-sellers have reported a decrease in sales, we are not noticing any weakening of the collector contingent. We are firm believers that at the end of the day, this is the most important component for both the health of the coin market as well as the overall hobby.

We do want to take pause and wish everybody a happy fourth of July, and also hope that each of you contemplate what it means to live in the United States; please also take a moment to give thanks to those that have sacrificed so that you can enjoy the freedoms that many of us take for granted. Just to be able to enjoy a hobby like coin collecting and afford coins to further your collection is a privilege that many in this world will never know. Not to get overly philosophical, but at least give these factors a thought, because at the end of the day, we all VERY fortunate.

Speaking of, plenty of good fortune has come The Reeded Edge’s way lately. Coming on the heels of the major purchase of an east coast dealer’s inventory, we just finalized another significant acquisition. This one was also top-heavy in collector coins, so it was an excellent fit for our firm. Both of these deals featured quite a bit of raw material, some of which is being certified, but much of it is also being sold as-is. Please keep an eye out on our trecoins eBay account, which is now our exclusive marketplace for raw coins. We have over 400 coins currently out for certification, so expect a deluge of new PCGS and NGC material in the very near future. Next week, Rob Lehmann will be headed south to Orlando, Florida next week to attend The Summer FUN Convention located at The Orange County Convention Center on International Drive. Rob will have a myriad of new certified coins in tow, so be sure to stop by The Reeded Edge’s booth #725 and say hello.  Despite both the quantity and velocity of our new purchases, Rob will still be eager to buy any fresh, high-quality material. We urge you to stop by and show him anything that you are contemplating selling. Maintaining The Reeded Edge’s philosophy of there never is a slow season for buying coins, Rob will have the checkbook out and ready.

We hope numismatics will play an important role in everybody’s summer. After all sunshine and heat can both be really overrated!

The Reeded Edge Heads to Raleigh, North Carolina for the Annual Raleigh Coin Club Show

NCFairgroundsSeveral years ago when we re-focused our energy on southern U.S. coin shows, it was the Raleigh show was the impetus for us. This show has always been a solid collector show that is well supported by a myriad of southern dealers, as well as the efforts one of the country’s great coin clubs, The Raleigh Coin Club. It gives us a valuable to opportunity to interface with a group of dealers and collectors that we don’t see at many of mid-Atlantic shows. Thursday, The Reeded Edge will be making our pilgrimage south to set up at The Raleigh Coin Club’s Annual Show and Convention. For both Friday and Saturday, Rob and Robbie will be open for general business at their prominent booth space located directly in the center of the bourse floor. This is the biggest coin show in the ever-growing state of North Carolina, and it’s one that the guys really look forward to. They will have thousands of coins in tow, including many new pieces purchased from a major east coast collection. Please stop by the table and take a look; The Reeded Edge should be easy to spot-just look for the giant BUYING, BUYING BUYING sign, easily visible from all vantage points in the room. Speaking of buying, the guys usual open checkbook policy will be in effect. If you have any single noteworthy pieces, or perhaps a group or collection for sale, please make sure that you offer Rob or Robbie in Raleigh. We think you will find few firms more consistently aggressive about buying fresh collector coins, and this weekend will be no exception. We hope that Raleigh is in your plans this weekend, as we would love to see you at the show.

June Baltimore Show Lackluster? NOT!!

This year’s June Baltimore show was a recipe for disaster. For one, it wasn’t in June. Instead, Whitman was forced to juggle their dates and held it on Memorial Day weekend. Historically, the June Baltimore show is the smallest and least active of the 3 yearly shows held at the Baltimore Convention Center. So, our expectations are always somewhat tempered. Given the change of dates to one of the most popular travel weekends of the year, our expectations were downright dashed. Boy, were we wrong! Baltimore ended up being one of our better coin shows of the year. Although the collector attendance was slightly affected by circumstances, those who did attend were serious. From our perspective, money was spent and coins were sold. It is plainly obvious to us that we are in the midst of a collector-driven market, something that we have no issue with whatsoever. On the buy side, the show was exceptional. Our acquisitions were across the numismatic spectrum, from copper through gold, with no single area better represented than any other. This is exactly what we strive for at a coin show-balance. At the end of the day, a tip of the hat goes to the entire staff of Whitman for another job well done. If there ever was a coin show laden with potential challenges, this was it. For them to draw a nice mix of both dealers and public on this otherwise auspicious weekend, speaks volumes of Whitman’s commitment to the success of the Baltimore Coin Show. If only other promoters would take more careful note of how this show is run, coin shows as a whole would be inherently more successful.

The Reeded Edge Heads to Richmond

richmond coin clubThankfully, Richmond is back on our radar. The Richmond Coin Club Show has always been one of our favorite venues, especially for a smaller club show. We are really pleased that we have been able to work this show back into our regular rotation. Rob and Robbie will be on hand Friday and Saturday at the Bellevue Avenue Scottish Rite Temple buildings to service our dealer and collector friends in and around the Richmond area. The guys will have hundreds of brand new certified coins with them, due in part to a very successful Central States Numismatic Convention last week. Whether you’re looking for copper, type, dollars, gold or commems, The Reeded Edge will have each area well represented and competitively priced. Of course, the guys will be aggressively buying; Whether you have one great coin or an entire collection or estate for sale, nobody consistently pays more for the right material. Just look for the large BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign located behind their booth on the front stage. Hopefully, historic Richmond is in your plans for this weekend, as the guys would love to see you at the show.

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful Central States Show

The conclusion of The Central States Numismatic Convention proved interesting, to say the least. An unexpected spring snow storm moved in on Saturday, cancelling flights and altering travel plans. Rob and Robbie ended up driving 600 miles home with another east coast coin dealer, each one a casualty of cancelled flights. Travel hassles aside, Central States was both productive and profitable. Although we heard some gripes from fellow dealers, most of the market leaders concurred with our assessment; business was out there if one sought it out.

The market continues to be price sensitive and quality conscious. Virtually any coin can be resold at a quick profit if it is purchased at the right level. This trend was evident throughout the show. The real challenge continues to be finding coins at the right level. Fortunately for Rob, Robbie and The Reeded Edge, their market presence has helped garner both business and coins towards their booth.

The guys had a great buying show, a fact evidenced by the hundreds of new coins listed on our store this week. Selling also was solid, although the show crowd was sparse at times. From our understanding, the Heritage auction was very strong with several rarities realizing multiples of their pre-sale estimates.

With the reemergence of PCGS on-site grading, new life was breathed into the show. We believe with their current leadership team and market direction, PCGS can only help other major coin shows, as well. Much of our new inventory is fresh Central States grading returns, courtesy of PCGS on-site show grading.

Although an overall good show, in our opinion, Central States could be shortened to a 2-3 day bourse and a 1/2 day setup, probably with similar results. The length of this show is unnecessarily long, and at times, seems arduous. At the end of the day, Central States once again performed, mostly a bi-product of an overall healthy coin market and an enthusiastic collector audience.

Here is another quality selection from The Reeded Edge. This is a <PASTE ITEM TITLE HERE>. Our commitment is to provide you with quality coins and collectibles at the best possible prices. This piece is no exception. Please note, the coin and collectibles markets do fluctuate, and prices occasionally will change. In this rare circumstance, we will contact you first to verify your order.

Here is another quality selection from The Reeded Edge. This is a <PASTE ITEM TITLE HERE>. Our commitment is to provide you with quality coins and collectibles at the best possible prices. This piece is no exception. Please note, the coin and collectibles markets do fluctuate, and prices occasionally will change. In this rare circumstance, we will contact you first to verify your order.

The Reeded Edge heads to Schaumburg, IL for 80th Annual Central States Numismatic Convention

CSNC convention centerThe upcoming spring Central States 80th Annual Numismatic Convention should be robust. By all accounts, the coin market is healthy and has found an equilibrium trading range that most dealers seem comfortable with. The metals markets also seem to have stabilized. With the reemergence of on-site, third party grading, all the necessary components for a good coin show are in place; thankfully, after a one year hiatus, PCGS has made the decision to put this major event back on it’s calendar. Rob and Robbie will be manning The Reeded Edge’s booth at Central States at their usual, front-of-the-hall location, Booth #1401. From the opening bell on Wednesday, until things wind down on Saturday afternoon, the guys are projecting a healthy and active show. It is worth mentioning that they will have MANY new, certified coins in tow, the results of a major east coast collection that they had been working on for several months. Our advice is to take advantage of this venue to get an early shot at these fresh coins, as full page ads in Numismatic News and Coin World will be also featuring them. Given the diversity and farm-fresh nature of this numismatic cache, we are expecting an enthusiastic response. Hopefully, the Chicago area will be in your plans next week, and you will be able to join the guys at this important spring coin show.

Inaugural Gettysburg Spring Show is a Resounding Success

Gettysburg Half DollarThere is no luck anymore when it comes to coin shows. The good ones are a result of a hard work and a dedicated effort. The Battlefield Coin Show, and more specifically, organizer Mike Dixon, hits the mark on both counts. He and his group of volunteers understand what it takes to make a coin show successful. At the heart is a good venue. Gettysburg, with all of it’s Civil War history and built for tourism flavor is about as good as a small and somewhat remote location could be. This is a weekend destination, and nobody minds the 1-2 hour journey from Baltimore, DC, Philly or Pittsburgh. In other words, Gettysburg is well within reach of the major mid-Atlantic population centers (as well as their airports). A coin show also has to be properly marketed. Once again, Mike gets an A+. But at the end of the day, it is the dealers and collectors alike who must choose to support it. We were very pleased in both areas, as Mike continues to improve the dealer mix as well as attract an impressive number of collectors, both achievements for a show of this size. Rob and Robbie were both a little taken back at the amount of activity in Gettysburg. Quite of bit of two way business was transacted throughout all three days. Coming only a week after the Pittsburgh ANA National Money Show, this show really was a wildcard. There are not many small shows anymore that we deem viable. The Battlefield Coin Show has earned our vote of confidence, and if this last weekend was any indication whatsoever, this is a show that will remain on our calendar for years to come!