2021 New Year’s Resolution-Turn Off the News and Focus on Numismatics!

On January 2nd when visiting a local supermarket, a puzzling pattern manifested. The market was completely out of lite yogurt, diet fruit juice, Enlightened ice cream products and their vegetable isle was decimated. It is not unusual for our market to be out of one or more of these products, but to be out of all simultaneously, is very strange. When questioned, the store clerk provided a very logical answer. “We see this trend every year”, he said. “People make resolutions to lose weight and go on diets. We’ll have plenty of all of this stuff by next Saturday.” That thought provoking response made us ponder a different kind of resolution. What if in 2021, we just focused on numismatics without any outside distractions? Further, what if we actually committed to this resolution, not dropping it in a week like a newfound diet? To begin with, this would involve turning off the news, at least until they had something inspiring to broadcast which warranted our attention.

It is downright amazing that collectors have remained so focused over the last nine months despite the obvious distractions. Imagine maintaining that same level of interest without them? These real and hypothetical situations both bode well for the health of the coin market. In all likelihood, at some time this year, political, social and health challenges will all become yesterday’s news. Consumer confidence should also return as businesses reopen, and then, the coin market could REALLY be in for some good times.

We are still in the position where demand for coins outpaces the available supply in the marketplace. The collector who hems and haws, is generally left with an empty hole in their album. Coins are selling briskly, but replacing them is progressively more challenging and expensive. This situation should get better once the world opens back up. The resumption of coin shows and foot traffic in the shops are two important missing components. Their return will change the landscape of the coin market, and in a big way. Holiday shipping delays caused us non-stop headaches for the better part of a month. Fortunately, this situation seems to be improving by the day. At some point in the not-so-distant future, all of these challenges should be in the rearview mirror.

Dollars and gold seem to be pacing the U.S. market, but other series have also seen pockets of strength. No single area in the numismatic spectrum is getting ignored. For those of you that watch our web-store (and/or listings elsewhere) with regularity, we want to assure you that both the inventory levels and selection that you’ve become accustomed to, will return. We really believe that the coin shortages will be short-lived, and the worst should be behind us. We continue to marvel at the dedication, perseverance and resilience of our collector base. It speaks volumes to the strength of our hobby. Unlike the supermarket store shelves that were restocked a week after New Year’s eve promises were abandoned, your resolve and commitment are unshakable. We believe wholeheartedly, that you’ll keep the news muted, and your eye on the numismatic ball. In short, we are not worried. Until next week, happy collecting!

What’s in store for 2021? A Healthy Coin Market We Hope!

This last year has been one for the books. The question now becomes does 2021 pick up where 2020 left off? The answer, we believe, is yes and no.

The pandemic is still playing a role in our daily lives, and probably will continue to do so into the summer of this year. That will translate to more coin shows being cancelled and/or rescheduled. The foot traffic in coin shops will also be lighter, until everyone becomes comfortable with getting out and about again. The coin shortage will also remain a challenge. Supply lines are dependent on networking, and with rare coins that means in-person transactions. Though online sellers have attempted to fill some of this void, most dealers would agree that numismatic collector coins still remain short in supply. From these standpoints, the first part of 2021 sounds a lot like 2020.

We are also anticipating a lot of changes in 2021, a year that we think will represent a transition. As vaccines become more available, COVID and its impact should disappear. We expect to see coin shows again towards the middle/latter part of the year. We also expect the shops will be firing on all cylinders once the retail public returns. With a staggering deficit fueled by government stimulus packages, the dollar should remain tenuous. That bodes well for gold and silver. How will less time at home impact the hobby? We know time was something collectors had plenty of in 2020. But with quarantines, stay at home orders and restrictions lifted, will they still find equal time to pursue their numismatic endeavors? We’re not 100% sure on this one. We do however realize, once a collector, always a collector. In short, we’re not expecting any attrition in the hobby. The 3+ years prior to COVID were good for many of us financially, both from a personal and business standpoint. How the incoming administration impacts our pocketbooks for the next four, is anybody’s guess. In the absence of any excessive new taxes, and with the hope that COVID is permanently neutralized, prosperity should return. Collectors have proven that they will not let a virus deter them; our guess is that no other distraction will either.

We often hear the question, what will be hot this year? Although we hate the role of prognosticator, we firmly believe some overlooked small type series, such as 2 Cent Pieces, 3 Cent Pieces (both nickel and silver), and Half Dimes are all due for a resurrection. We see continued strength with 20th century collector series such as Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, Standing Liberty Quarters and Walking Liberty Halves. The much-anticipated 100th anniversary of the final year of Morgan Dollar and first year of Peace Dollar should spur interest in both series. We see silver dollars potentially taking the numismatic center stage. We also are projecting a solid year for metals which could bode really well for larger format gold coins. We have noticed quite a resurgence of interest in the $10 Indian series, and we expect that trend to continue. Augustus St. Gaudens-designed coins remain extremely popular, as well as breathtakingly beautiful. Expect to see $20 Saints go through a bit of a renaissance, although we would argue they never really lost their popularity. We also have been receiving a lot of want lists for local currency, both obsolete broken bank notes and national bank notes. Since both of these areas are purely collector supported, it is another sign of a strong collector foundation throughout the numismatic spectrum. The craziness and mayhem of 2020 was unprecedented. Throughout it all, the collector has remained the one constant. We don’t believe that should change one bit in the hopefully more-sane 2021.

We have no shortage of optimism going into this year. With last year in the rearview mirror, we can now all look forward to better days. Amazingly, the coin hobby weathered the storm throughout 2020. With fewer distractions on the horizon, this year could really mark a turning point. We wish you and yours a healthy, happy and prosperous new year, and look forward to serving you in these upcoming days.

Rob, Robbie, Ray, Tammy and Sharon
The Reeded Edge, Inc.

Happy New Year from The Reeded Edge

We struggled with the title of this week’s Market Report. After all, is there really much to be Happy about? There is an old saying that when you’re given a bowl of lemons, make lemonade. We would like to think that’s precisely what happened this year. We know about all of the negatives, as we hear and read about them on a daily basis. So, let’s focus on the some of the positives. Many of us tackled projects, that for one reason or another, had been delayed or forgotten. Life’s priorities were reevaluated. Things that had been important to us now seemed less so, and perhaps, vice-versa. The passions in life that had been relegated to the backburner were now in our very laps. Enter numismatics. We talk to customers daily, and the one comment that really started to resonate with us was, “I have got so much more time now to spend on my collection”. In this regard, current circumstances were a bit of a perfect storm. While other businesses were shutting down, those of us in the coin business remained busy. In tandem, precious metals experienced a run-up, and for the most part, have maintained their strength. The one frustration, during this otherwise blessed period, was the cessation of coin shows. The late summer and early fall gave us a taste of what it felt like to attend coin shows again, but then everything went to hell in a handbasket as the second wave of the pandemic took hold. It was back to the lemonade stand. We all became more resourceful in how we acquired coins, relying on our customers, personal contacts and established business relationships. We used the internet, phone and mail in lieu of shows. Most importantly, we didn’t cease doing business, but simply reinvented our business models. We have always professed that coin dealers are a pretty smart bunch; so are collectors. As a group, they are more resourceful than most. The parallel to the chameleon, which changes colors to suit its environment, comes to mind. In retrospect, given how quickly all of our lives were turned upside down, it is truly amazing how numismatics persevered. So at the end of the day, YES, there really is much to be happy about. As we exit this crazy year, forever etched into our memory, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous new year. May 2021 be the proverbial turning point for all of us!

The Most Challenging Holiday Ever?

As the mid-Atlantic United States gets ready to be hammered by a winter storm packing as much as a foot or more of snow, the above title seemed to not only be appropriate, but characterize the general flavor of this entire holiday season. The challenges that we face numismatically are by no means unique to our hobby or business. The winter weather is only the icing on the cake. It’s fair to surmise, that just about all of the existing challenges emanate from the pandemic. The latest chapter (snow aside) are widespread United States Postal Service shipping delays. It is beyond bad, with priority mail packages now taking up to two weeks for delivery, and first class packages 3 weeks or more. Rest assured, The Reeded Edge is still shipping daily, with order processing times one business day or less. These delays are equally as frustrating for us, as we are doing our jobs here better than ever; if only that were also true with the postal service. We ask our customers to try to remain understanding during these difficult times. Aside from the USPS underestimating their holiday mail volume, we are also faced with a coin shortage. Much of this situation is tied to the latest round of coin show cancellations due to rising COVID caseloads. We do not anticipate this situation getting better until perhaps the spring. A friend of ours in the medical field forecasted a long, dark winter. With vaccinations just beginning distribution, his prognostication is looking to be spot-on. The good news through all of this is that the coin market remains robust with demand at a very high level. If only the coin supply were in a perfect equilibrium, the coin market engine would really be firing on all cylinders. As we have stated previously, this feels a lot like the movie Groundhog Day, as we have been down this road once before in the spring. So, alluding back to our title this week, is this really the most challenging holiday ever? Unquestionably, yes it is!

A customer payment just received today; NOTE THE DATE ON THE POSTMARK!

USPS Atlanta “sorting” facility

The Reeded Edge Needs to Buy Your Coins!

With the prospect of no coin shows until possibly February, we feel like we are back to square one. Thankfully, we have been down this road once before, so we’re not totally ill prepared for it. Coins continue to sell briskly, which puts increased pressure on keeping our shelves stocked. Presently, we have targeted needs for virtually all U.S. collector coins in the $100-$10,000 price range. In addition, we can always use ANY Pre-1954 PCGS/NGC coins, collections, inheritances,  and larger accumulations. We also could use fresh currency deals, and will pay aggressively. In short, if it’s numismatic, The Reeded Edge wants to be your go-to dealer. Our open checkbook policy is now in effect, so please call 888-856-COIN or email for our immediate offer.

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: The Reeded Edge takes shipping very seriously, and expedites all parcels out of our office within one business day of receiving your paid-in-full order. Unfortunately, this is where our control of your shipment stops. The USPS has been experiencing quite a few shipping problems, including slow-downs and packages getting routed incorrectly. We are finding that 1st Class postage is the most problematic. If time is of essence, we highly encourage you to consider upgrading your shipping to Priority Mail, Express Mail, UPS or FedEx.

The coin market continues to steadily push forward. Although this week has had a rather flat feel to it, the orders still keep coming. The bulk of activity seems to still be centered around affordable collector coins. There will be a multitude of numismatic auctions in January and February which will test the upper end of the market. Most likely, these advanced collectors are remaining on the sidelines until then. Just about all other high-end collectibles, from vintage baseball cards to rare stamps, seems to be flourishing now; we see no reason that coins will be an exception.

This has been an incredibly challenging year for all of us. We hope that you and yours are navigating through these uncharted waters, and wish you continued joy, health and happiness throughout this holiday season


More Coin Shows Cancelled as Holidays Near

We were hoping the news would get better as we entered the holiday season of one of the strangest years ever. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, as FUN officially announced the cancellation of their quintessential show which would have ushered in 2021. We are still waiting for the first national coin show to break the COVID ice. FUN now joins the casualty list of Central States, two Long Beach shows, Summer ANA and two Whitman Baltimore shows. With the emergence of several larger regional shows like Dalton, GA, Tinley Park, IL, Saint Louis Silver Dollar Show and PAN, we held out cautious optimism that FUN might happen. Then came more bad news, as COVID case counts started to predictably rise. Despite the fact that this was neither surprising or unexpected, we witnessed a second round of shut downs extending into our numismatic arena. And so goes 2020. We are all ready for this year to go into the history books.

The good news is that the coin market continues to show evidence of strength. Gold and silver have rebounded nicely from their mid-Fall correction, and interest in virtually all areas of numismatics remains solid. We don’t see this trend reversing any time soon. Of course with the absence of shows (which we really feel is temporary), this puts newfound pressure on sourcing coins for our customers. Although we have been down this road several times since March, it is nonetheless a challenge that we can do without. Our creativity is once again getting tested.

Fortunately, The Reeded Edge is still working through several collections purchased over the last couple of weeks, and these coins alone should provide ample supply up to the holidays. We had begun to line up appointments for pre-FUN trading with some of our more consistent suppliers, all of whom will probably be shipping us parcels of coins in lieu of meeting in-person. We have preached that for every problem, there is a solution, but never in our lives has this gotten put to the test like it has this year. There is a certain comfort in knowing that we are all in this together, and I think it has made each of us work that much harder to overcome the obvious obstacles.

Finally, we hope that each and every one of you have had a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and we extend our best wishes for the same during the upcoming holidays. We know that better times are ahead, and believe that next year could signal when we collectively turn the corner. Let’s hope so!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Reeded Edge

Obviously, this year has been like no other. With all of the craziness and disruptions looming large, It would be silly to think that our holidays would be unaffected. Statistically, people will travel less this year. Family gatherings will be smaller, and in some cases, nonexistent. There is no doubt that circumstances this year will pose physical limitations on how we approach and celebrate the holidays. But, we are greater than just physical creatures; we have strong emotional and spiritual bonds, and a sense of family that can not be stolen by a pandemic. So yes, although we will celebrate our holiday differently this year, we will nonetheless celebrate. The Reeded Edge wants to extend our warmest wishes to you and yours for a Happy Thanksgiving, as well as peace and joy for the upcoming Christmas and Chanukah holidays.

The coin market seems to be building on its strength as collectors hunker down for what could be a long winter. The demand for mainstream collector coins has definitely spiked in the last couple of weeks, as show closures are creating newfound demand on the numismatic supply chain. Although we had been holding out hope that coin shows would be resuming in force by the first of the year, that timeline now seems optimistic. Perhaps the middle or end of spring would be a more realistic target. Coin shows play a very important role in supplying dealers across the country with product to sell their collector base, and without them, we expect to see the demand for coins intensify. Despite the continued underlying strength in our marketplace, rare coin prices for the most part have remained flat, but that aspect may be about to change. Any surge in the precious metals markets could definitely provide the catalyst for rising coin prices, although that may not prove to be a necessary component. A flat-out shortage of coins in the marketplace could be the impetus for rising prices, without other contributing factors. We could be in for an interesting winter in the numismatic arena-we shall see.

The Reeded Edge continues to stock our shelves at every available opportunity. Our most recent acquisitions include a couple of high-grade, better date dollar groups, a local collection comprised of over 1000 PCGS-certified collector coins, and a smaller collection of dated gold. Other deals are on the horizon, each of which we will pursue aggressively. We are not ones to rest on our laurels, and the present time is no exception. We realize with circumstances getting more challenging again, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Fortunately, we have been down this road once before, so we not only have a feel of what to expect, but a roadmap of how to navigate through it. The Reeded Edge will continue to offer you a steady diet of great collector coins throughout the upcoming months, irrespective of circumstances.

Finally, what would Thanksgiving be without a mention of Black Friday? The Reeded Edge will be conducting our annual Black Friday Sale, and this year’s event promises to be bigger than ever. Robbie Jenkins has been working tirelessly through hundreds of new coins, preparing their inaugural launch for Friday morning. In tandem, we will be marking down many other coins and collectibles to their lowest prices ever. We are not going to give too much away just yet, but stay tuned. This promises to be a numismatic sale of epic proportion!

A Strange November for the Coin Market.

Does anybody else think this November just feels strange? Election night had President Trump as a 74% Vegas favorite. Six hours later, it was Senator Biden who was the Vegas favorite, and by about the same margin. And so it began… With spiking numbers of new COVID cases, and some Governors suggesting possible lockdowns for the holidays, how does one keep their focus? This is the operative question for the coin market. We have been professing the resilience of the collector, and to illustrate this point let’s rewind to the spring. The first round of lockdowns had us concerned, but the collectors proved us wrong. With more time on their hands, and less options at their disposal, coins became both their outlet and their sanity check. Are we in for Round 2? We may have to be, as the resurgence of coin shows seems to be coming to a screeching halt, not at all the scenario any of us were hoping for. On the brighter side, we have been down this road once, and as they tagline goes, we got this!

Gold and silver have taken a little reprieve but still maintain their underlying strength. Collector coins still seem to be the backbone of the hobby, but as we have previously professed, without the aid of coin shows to source numismatic material, a constant supply chain to keep pace with demand can prove challenging. There are some things that we can control, and others that we can’t. Rest assured, we will pull out all the stops to keep the shelves stocked and new coins coming to the market. You expect no less, and we won’t let you down.

The Reeded Edge is in the final stages of purchasing several significant deals comprising a myriad of collector coins at all price points. Keep your eye on the store this week and next, as there will be close to 1000 new PCGS coins making their debuts. There are many coins under $250, which also make perfect holiday gifts for the collector. Despite the distractions, The Reeded Edge is maintaining a full speed ahead approach. There will be much more coming in terms of specifics, so stay tuned.

The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful P.A.N. Show

P.A.N. proved yet again that coin shows can be relevant in a challenging environment. Most obvious at this show was the tremendous appetite of the wholesale community. Dealers from around the country converged on Monroeville with the intention of buying coins. Historically, this has not been the footprint of this show. Although the Pittsburgh area is home to quite a few collectors, this show generally preceded by a slower dealer set-up, causing Rob and Robbie to skip Wednesday afternoon entirely. When the guys arrived in Monroeville Thursday morning, they were inundated with dealer business. Uncharacteristic of a P.A.N. show, the first 3 hours of the show resulted in over half of their business for the entire 3 days. This is a pattern that seems to be following shows around right now, irrespective of location. Dealers are hungry for coins to service their customers, and are flocking to coin shows to source them. We have said repeatedly, that we have been feeling the pent-up energy resulting form months of lockdowns, and P.A.N. proved once again that the resumption of shows was necessary and overdue.

Collector turnout at P.A.N. was on the lighter side, with many of The Reeded Edge “regulars” no-shows. Perhaps the proximity to the city of Pittsburgh in tandem with Pennsylvania’s patterns of restrictive lockdowns scared some people away. We do not feel that this absence was the fault of the P.A.N. organization, or in anyway a forecast for future shows. Blaine Shiff and his convention staff were facing a tall order to even make this show happen, and our hats go off to all of them for a job well done. This is likely our last coin show of 2020. In a year that has been anything but normal, we are glad that shows resumed at all. We applaud the promoters and clubs that made each and every one of these venues happen.

The Reeded Edge Heads to Monroeville for The P.A.N. Show

This week’s P.A.N. show marks one of the larger coin venues to take place since the onset of the pandemic. Irrespective of conditions, this remains one of our favorite shows for several reasons. Most obviously, Pittsburgh and its metropolitan areas are a mere 2 hour drive for us, making this one of our closest and most convenient coin shows. We also have a very solid core of customers in this area. It is no mystery that we like attending well managed club sponsored coin shows. From this respect, P.A.N. probably ranks amongst the best in the country. P.A.N is a very active club with many members participating in the show’s management. With Pennsylvania being one of the slower and more cautious states to reopen, we can assure our fellow dealers and customers that all health precautions will be taken by P.A.N. management, with COVID protocol in effect throughout the duration of the show.

We are excited about this show for a couple other reasons. We have been very active buying a myriad of different coins in the office. From top-flight certified coins to a host of raw coins and even some modern mint issues, everything in the U.S. numismatic spectrum has seemingly crossed our counters over the last several weeks. Although we bring primarily certified coins to shows, this in no way diminishes what we currently have available for sale. Although we generally use this forum to discuss travel plans and numismatic news/happenings, we do want to take special note one of our new inventory selections, a RARE and elusive 1861-O $20.00 Liberty, PCGS certified AU-55. This is a world-class coin, that regardless of your intentions, is worth at least a look.

The coin market remains healthy despite a tumultuous Presidential election that might infer otherwise. Although some of our local shops have reported slowdowns in the last couple of weeks, we have not seen it. Two way business has been conducted here at an almost frenzied pace, with coins coming in the office faster than we can sometimes process them. In retrospect, this has been a nice problem to have. We have no reason to believe that market conditions should change anytime soon, and quite possibly, they may actually improve. This election has preoccupied a lot of people’s attention. We believe that once it’s behind us, we will all have one less distraction to deal with. Although politics have divided much of the country, fortunately numismatics have drawn many of our fellow hobbyists together. We believe that this week’s P.A.N. show will be further evidence of this trend.