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Fall Picks Up Where Summer Left Off

It is easy to miss a week (or two) when you’re busy. Our customers serve as our best reminder that we haven’t been keeping them up to date on numismatic happenings. It actually has been over two weeks since we last posted a market update; we apologize. The coin market remains healthy bolstered by an […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Gettysburg

We were wondering if we would be saying this again, but we are back in full-swing show mode. Last week’s Ohio State Coin Show in Dublin, Ohio was a barn-burner. It was quite possibly our best Dublin Show ever. Who would have predicted coming after a five month hiatus? Not us! There is an old […]

Is it Real or Is it Memorex?

For those of you old enough to remember the above title and what it specifically referenced, you probably also understand the direction today’s report is heading. If the title eluded you or you’re not a child of the 1980’s, Memorex was a cassette recording tape with unparalleled sound reproduction.  Their advertisements challenged listeners to discern […]

Coin Market & Summer Heat Up; Coin Shows Begin to Resume

Traditionally, summer months were when the coin market went into its annual hibernation. Not so, this year. Perhaps stay-at-home orders accounted for the spike in activity over the last quarter. Whatever the reason, momentum is still with us. An unusual amount of activity has remained the trademark through this early summer period. Whether it maintains, […]