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The Coin Market Shows Unusual Strength Throughout the Summer

The deck has been stacked against us for some time. Lockdowns, restrictions, and the overall COVID narrative was testing the patience of all but the most ardent believers. Society in general was done. Most people entered this summer as if it were just another normal pre-pandemic summer, albeit with more pent-up cabin fever than ever. Translation […]

PAN Show Fires on All Cylinders!

What is the definition of a successful coin show? Does the answer lie in the number of collectors present? If so, PAN checked that box. Maybe, wholesale activity is the measure of success. Again, PAN also checked that box. Perhaps, the answer does not lie in the total head count, but rather in the quality […]

Then and Now-A Personal Perspective of the Coin Market

I enjoy Black Kalamata Olives. They are one of my go-to snack foods. Consequently, every trip to the market starts at the deli counter where I order a pound of the olives. One year ago, these olives were $5/pound. The day before yesterday, the same olives were $10/pound-exactly double what they were 12 short months […]

Coin Market Strength Continues Amidst Inflationary Concerns

Last week’s Vienna Quarterly Coin and Stamp Show was poorly attended. This was due in part to a forecast for a major storm for the D.C. area, which fortunately, never materialized. Additionally, the current iteration of this show has been under-promoted, relying more on word-of-mouth than traditional marketing methods. A factor that definitely did NOT […]

The Coin Market Continues its Bullish Path

There is always a concern that after the FUN show and the predictable beginning-of-year optimism,  that the coin market will take a pause. Under ordinary circumstances, this is a valid concern; but nothing about current circumstances can be deemed ordinary. Amidst renewed political turmoil in Eastern Europe combined with an ongoing global COVID hangover, there […]

Whitman Baltimore Coin Show Upon Us

Despite a lackluster Vienna Coin and Stamp Show last week, the feel of the coin market could not be any better. Renewed interest in metals (with both gold and silver hitting critical levels at $1800/oz and $25/oz respectively), combined with an ongoing intense demand for high-quality rare coins at every price point, makes this the […]