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We are living through some unprecedented, and very uncertain, times. Although the root cause of this is new to us all (COVID-19), the volatility resulting from it, is not. People and markets have a symbiotic relationship which makes perfect sense, since one comprises the other. When people hit the panic switch, markets react. It is […]

The Reeded Edge Heads to Baltimore for The Whitman Coin Expo

To say that the last month has been an interesting time, would be a gross understatement. The hysteria caused by the coronavirus has impacted everyone’s daily life in one way or another. Concerns have triggered sell-offs in the financial markets, depletions of grocery store shelves and interruptions in travel. To ignore the potential impact on […]

Vienna Active, But Not Like the Old Days

The Vienna Coin and Stamp Show is a solid show with a decent following, but we remember the days when it was something much more than that. Vienna used to be one of the premier small shows in the country. It was marketed differently, with postcards sent out before each show to a vibrant customer […]