Stay-at-Home Collectors Focus on Their Collections – Coin Sales Up!

Of all things, who would have guessed that numismatics would be seeing a spike in activity during a global health crisis? While hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol are still unavailable, coins thankfully are not. The last that we checked, they were not exactly an essential item either. We are blessed by this developing trend, but admittedly, are a little taken back. When everything turned south, we were really expecting the worst. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.  We have been able to retain all of our employees and continue to operate on a somewhat normal level. So, what do we attribute this numismatic resilience to? The most obvious answer lies in the stay at home orders instituted throughout the country. Observations made through various social networking channels all lead to one answer: boredom. Collectors have the precious commodity of time on their hands, with minimal outside distractions. What better in-door activity is at their disposal then to focus on their collections? This theory mirrors their new purchasing patterns. We have noted a strong boost in sales for the under-$500 numismatic material. A high percentage of these transactions are taking place online. Venues like eBay and Amazon are seeing increased activity also, a trend consistent with our observations. We should add, that this whole situation still remains very fluid. News today could be history tomorrow. We will continue to keep you updated with emerging trends, and how they are impacting the numismatic sector. For the time being, we implore everybody to continue to practice social distancing, and most importantly, stay safe.