Summer FUN Cancelled – All Eyes Look to The ANA’s World’s Fair of Money

We really do feel like we are on the cusp of new horizons. But in the same breath, we are all waiting for that ice breaker. Last week at this time, we were betting on Summer FUN. Cindy Wibker, the FUN bourse chair, expressed confidence that the event was a go. Rob and Robbie went so far as to purchase airfare and hotel. Regrettably, that same afternoon they were forced to cancel both, as Summer FUN became yet another casualty of COVID19. We are done prognosticating, but remain hopeful that the Pittsburgh summer ANA will happen. As with FUN, the guys have their lodging booked and preliminary show preparations in place. Like everybody else in the numismatic arena, we will now wait and see. We stand by our assessment that the coin dealer community is itching for a show, and the first venue out of the gate, will be a barn burner. Will that be ANA? We certainly hope so.

Our quest for fresh coins continues. If you have any higher value numismatic material that has been off of the market for a considerable time, and you are considering selling, please contact us for our aggressive offer! The Reeded Edge will pay VERY STRONG PRICES for the right coins. Our customers need new coins as the want lists come in almost daily. Business also remains brisk, putting additional pressure on replenishing inventory. Honestly, we wouldn’t have thought that buying coins in the midst of a global pandemic would have been a problem.

Finally, we want to thank each and every one of you reading this for your loyalty, support and business. This could have been a catastrophic time for us, but instead, we are as busy as ever. Observing many other people’s present situation, it is quite evident that we are VERY lucky, a fact that we never lose sight of. Thank you once again; we couldn’t do this without you. Happy collecting and stay safe!