Dealers and Collectors Antsy to get back to Frequenting Shows and Shops-Office Orders Remain Brisk

Chances are if you’re reading this, you are equally as sick of staring at the same walls as we are. We realize that we are luckier than most. At least, we get to change AM and PM venues. Nonetheless, for those of us that spend much of our time on the road, this is a very different set of circumstances. With several states now systematically opening businesses again, we remain optimistic that a sense of normalcy is not far off.

The Reeded Edge’s office sales remain active with many parcels shipping daily. This is encouraging, especially when we consider the alternative. But, it would also be remiss not to mention an emerging trend towards cheaper coins. This is not to imply that we aren’t selling better coins, as well; they just represent a comparatively lower percentage of our overall sales. Talking to dealers daily, we hear the same question a lot. So, what is selling? That really is the ten thousand dollar question, and there is no simple answer. From our perspective, 20th century collector coins still seem very strong. Since the run up in bullion, we have also noticed a resurgence in larger U.S. gold coins. Silver dollars, a numismatic stalwart, remain steady. There are numerous other other areas and series that are also selling, albeit a bit more sporadically. We have always professed that adversity creates opportunity, and the present coin market is no exception. Historically important series such as half cents, two cent pieces, three cent pieces (both nickel and silver) and half dimes are presently slow. These are all areas that are ripe for a turnaround, and the savvy numismatist may want to give one or more of these a serious look. There is an old saying, A rising tide floats all boats. Popular coins always garner an audience, but coins a little out of favor are perhaps the real value in the marketplace. It is worth mentioning that we have not shied away from any of these series. In our 31 years of full-time numismatics, we have seen just about every coin cycle in and out of favor. It’s only a matter of time before today’s dark horses become tomorrow’s treasures.

Our need to buy FRESH coins continues daily. If you have valuable singles or even an entire collection that has been off of the market for a considerable time, we have money to spend. Over the last month, we have become largely dependent on customers like you for sourcing material. Perhaps this will become our emerging business model moving forward.

Although none of us know with any certainty what the future holds, we believe it will be different. Just like 9-11 redefined how we functioned in daily life, this chapter in history will also have its impact. Collectors like you have demonstrated that you’re not going anywhere. How we reach you is however, is changing, and will probably continue to evolve. For the time being, we hope that everybody is healthy and staying safe. We believe that better days are ahead for all of us.