Another Week But No New Topics….Which is Not Necessarily a “Bad Thing”!

There is not much new to discuss. We have been steadily buying and selling coins, albeit from the inner confines of our office suite, and with little or no human interaction. The fact that parcels keep coming and going daily is encouraging, and in that regard, we are just fine with the status quo. However, like many other folks, we are also impatiently waiting for our economic engine to start up again. Maryland is behind other states, with our reopen date still undetermined. This is primarily due to two factors, lagging behind on the COVID19 curve and an ongoing political chess game. As the bureaucrats play Russian Roulette with our economy, we continue to come in our office and face our daily routine. Barring the televised daily news briefings and masked trips to Walmart, it’s almost as if nothing is different. At least, it feels that way for the eight hours a day that we spend together under this roof. These are very strange times indeed.

Servicing the collector continues to be our priority. Coin sales are as strong as ever, with more expensive material meeting little resistance. This holds especially true for fresh, off-the-market coins.  We have also noticed a preference towards coins housed in older PCGS/NGC holders, as well as those with CAC stickers. Cheaper coins are also finding new homes quickly, indicative of an underlying strength at all levels of the coin market. What has been impacted negatively are coin shows and retail shops across the country, both of which have been forced to close. We are hoping that all of these disruptions become yesterday’s news very soon.