Baltimore Turns Out to be a Resounding Success!

November 14, 2017- Whitman and Baltimore, once again, delivered. This wasn’t as robust a coin show as some of the Baltimore’s of years-past, but it was still an active and profitable venue. In the present market environment, that’s all that we can ask for. Dealers seemed to be a bit more optimistic that perhaps the market had bottomed out, and was now on the rebound. Demand for fresh coins was as great as ever, as shortages of the right coins continue, and a glut of ordinary product was readily apparent. The insatiable appetite for cool coins transcended the bourse area and was also evident in grading at PCGS. Ordinary coins were being viewed very conservatively by the graders; however, fresh, extraordinary coins were graded in a different light. It is plainly obvious that PCGS has recognized that the coin market is starved for great coins, and they don’t mind producing a few, given the right candidates. Unfortunately, most of what we saw coming back from PCGS was anything but great, and in many instances, the grades reflected the uninspiring nature of the coins. We knew coming in to Baltimore that the key to success would be buying the right coins, so we made that our quest. To those of you thinking that we are getting more picky in our old age, you’re right. In the true tradition of The Reeded Edge’s business model, we still put a price on almost everything that we were offered. It was just in most cases that that number was not too exciting. This was more a bi-product of the coins we were being offered rather than our reluctance to buying. At the end of the day, Baltimore was a show that had to be worked efficiently and thoroughly, but one that yielded results. Both the number of collectors and dealers filling the room was more than adequate, and coins were more plentiful yet. Hopefully, the fresh coins that will be appearing on our store throughout the next week will serve as testament to both how hard we worked this show, and our ongoing desire to acquire the best material during a challenging market cycle.

We have been promising a new Reeded Edge web store with a new look and seamless functionality, and here it is! For the time being, we can at least promise the new look part, with the seamless functionality soon to follow. All kidding aside, Ray, Rob and Robbie have all been beta testing this store for months, enhancing and improving its functionality as they go. Although we can’t say with 100% certainty there won’t be any glitches, we are crossing our fingers  that they will be held to a bare minimum. We hope that you find the streamlined, clean look and, intuitive responsiveness of this new platform to be an improvement over our former store. Please, be sure to contact our webmaster, Ray Hunt, with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Ordinarily, we don’t devote space in our weekly blog to discussing company problems; every business has their share, and most are of little interest outside of the confines of the business. But, when it comes to lying, cheating and stealing, the individuals that engage in this behavior are indiscriminate and could strike anyone of us at any time. In order to help our customers avoid becoming victims, we have published the names and details of some known problem individuals. We don’t take this action lightly, and stress, if someone made the “Scumbag Alert!” list below, there is a  very good reason why. This business is difficult enough without being hindered by these type of individuals, and furthermore, we have zero tolerance for them and their illegal activities!

On a more positive note, we want to reiterate that our insatiable appetite to purchase fresh coins has not diminished, not even one little bit. Accordingly, if you have fresh coins for sale, whether it’s one high-value piece or an entire collection, The Reeded Edge wants to be your coin dealer. Nobody likes, fresh wholesome U.S. Collector coins more than we do, a fact evident each and every time that we write a check. Please either call our offices @ 301-724-0400, Rob’s cell @ 240-422-0118 or Robbie’s cell @ 301-876-1332 today for their immediate, no-nonsense offer for your quality rare coins or collectibles.