The Reeded Edge heads to Schaumburg, IL for 80th Annual Central States Numismatic Convention

CSNC convention centerThe upcoming spring Central States 80th Annual Numismatic Convention should be robust. By all accounts, the coin market is healthy and has found an equilibrium trading range that most dealers seem comfortable with. The metals markets also seem to have stabilized. With the reemergence of on-site, third party grading, all the necessary components for a good coin show are in place; thankfully, after a one year hiatus, PCGS has made the decision to put this major event back on it’s calendar. Rob and Robbie will be manning The Reeded Edge’s booth at Central States at their usual, front-of-the-hall location, Booth #1401. From the opening bell on Wednesday, until things wind down on Saturday afternoon, the guys are projecting a healthy and active show. It is worth mentioning that they will have MANY new, certified coins in tow, the results of a major east coast collection that they had been working on for several months. Our advice is to take advantage of this venue to get an early shot at these fresh coins, as full page ads in Numismatic News and Coin World will be also featuring them. Given the diversity and farm-fresh nature of this numismatic cache, we are expecting an enthusiastic response. Hopefully, the Chicago area will be in your plans next week, and you will be able to join the guys at this important spring coin show.