Successful Annandale Coin Show Concludes 2019 Show Schedule-Happy Holidays from The Reeded Edge!

It has been a busy year, and despite challenging market conditions, a REALLY good one! The Annandale Coin Show ended the year much the same way that it started. The show was active throughout, although the retail traffic was admittedly off. That didn’t stop us from selling six figures worth of rare coins to a smaller, albeit enthusiastic, audience. This year has had its share of hits and misses. That somewhat characterized the coin market. In retrospect, this lead to a new sense of awareness which has transformed into a vital component of our business model. You have heard us stress, on multiple occasions, the importance of keeping inventory moving. At no time in the history of our company was this more important than during this last year. Declining market values constantly kept the cycling pressure on us. Fortunately, throughout it all, there was one constant-the collector.  The collector was with us to ring in 2019 and throughout the duration of the year; now, here we are in December, still selling coins to collectors. Yes, collectors really were the backbone of  2019. It truly has been a collector-driven coin market, and we expect more of the same going into next year. So, the recipe seems simple. Keep coins moving, and continue to service the collector. We intend to do both. To all of our friends, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe holiday.