Coin Market Continues to Reopen but Large Shows Remain Problematic

This last Sunday, Rob and Robbie took a day away from coins to go rock fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. The morning started with a sit-down breakfast at McDonalds in Berkeley Springs, WV.  From there, they proceeded to Deale, MD to meet friends for a day on the water, Although safety was practiced throughout the day, absent was much of the COVID19 protocol that has loomed large over all of us for the last 3 months. For that moment in time, life seemed very normal. We were quickly reminded that this wasn’t the case Monday morning,when learning of the ANA’s decision to cancel The World’s Fair of Money. Although we still haven’t received official word from the association, we have it from reliable sources that this venue will be joining Summer FUN, Baltimore and the lengthy list of other coin shows forced to make similar decisions. We still contend that coin shows are not far off, as updated medical data continues to support their systematic reopening. In the same breath, we believe that they will open incrementally. The club and smaller regional shows, in all likelihood, will be first out of the gate. It is entirely possible that we may not see a major national venue until FUN, January 2021. Dealers and collectors alike are increasingly ready for that day to arrive, ao are we.

The coin market continues to remain active. As evidenced by the record month on Wall Street, and to a smaller degree, the numismatic market’s strength, many people did not buy into The Doomsday Scenario from the onset. Investing and spending, not saving, have been the orders of the day. This is not exactly consistent with the narrative of a worldwide pandemic. Selling coins has never been easier, as demand remains high. Supply, on the other hand, continues to be a challenge. As one of our respected associates pointed out, coins are selling but getting them can be another story. We have reached out to some alternate sources to keep our shelves stocked, and fortunately, are efforts seem to be working. Rest assured, we have no intention of letting off the gas in this regard. Our customers not only want to see fresh coins daily, they demand it. If you have any coins that are you are considering selling, be it a single higher value piece or a multi-million dollar collection, please contact The Reeded Edge. In many cases, we are paying well over wholesale levels, especially for coins and collections that have been off of the market for decades or longer. Decisions and offers are usually tendered the same day that the coins arrive in our offices, and payment is always immediate. Do you really want to deal with the uncertainty of auction results along with a delayed payment? If your answer is NO, please contact Rob or Robbie today for a no-risk, FREE personal consultation. In closing, we look forward to seeing you all in-person very soon. We are all growing weary of social limitations, but we are also optimistic that those days are short-lived. For the sake of an otherwise quite healthy coin market, we certainly hope that to be the case!