The Reeded Edge Heads to Columbus as Coin Shows Resume

This summer has been anything but ordinary. In the midst of a world pandemic, the coin market has been on fire, and there seems to be no end in sight. With the resumption of coin shows, the coin supply shortage should begin to resolve itself. If metals continue their strength into the fall, this could end up being a very interesting year.

This week, The Reeded Edge heads to Dublin, Ohio for The Ohio State Coin Show. This year’s annual Labor Day weekend venue will be held in the neighboring Embassy Suites-Dublin, 5100 Upper Metro Place, while the Crowne Plaza goes under a renovation. Judging from the open floor plan, we anticipate a safe environment for all attendees. Of course, all COVID protocols will be strictly adhered to. Also worth noting is this year’s venue will not be competing against the home opener for Ohio State football. As Big 10 fans all know, Columbus (and its suburbs) become a ghost town on opening day. Without that distraction to contend with, numismatics could take center stage on Saturday, resulting in three active days of trading coins instead of the usual two. Both Rob and Robbie will be on hand for The Reeded Edge in Dublin. You will find them at booths 405-407 in the right front corner of the main hall. Just look for the giant BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign, and the guys should not be far away. As their sign implies, The Reeded Edge will be aggressively buying, as their present appetite for fresh coins is unprecedented. With a shortage of coins all summer, combined with many unfilled want lists, the guys are looking to make up for a five month coin show hiatus. Please offer them any worthwhile single coins, deals, or entire collections. No deal is too small or too large, and their open checkbook policy will remain in effect throughout the show. This is The Reeded Edge’s second coin show since the shutdown of public venues back in March. If it goes anything like last week’s Dalton show, Rob and Robbie should leave Dublin very happy campers.

In closing, we would like to emphasize some positive news (for a change). New data on COVID suggests that the true mortality rate may not be anywhere near the numbers originally thought. With only a few outlier exceptions, riots and social chaos seems to be subsiding. Unemployment numbers are coming in at a fraction of what was originally anticipated, and perhaps the best news of all, our country is reopening again. We all have grown tired of hearing the term the new normal; With a COVID vaccine on the not-too-distant horizon, we hope and pray that the new normal ends up looking a lot like the old normal. We hope you and yours remain safe and healthy, and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming coin show.