The Reeded Edge Heads to Fredericksburg to VNA Coin Show

VNA bourseAsk Rob and Robbie what their single favorite coin show of the year is, and they will probably both answer VNA. The Virginia Numismatic Association Annual Convention is just the perfect mix of everything. It’s not too big but yet not too small. Although populated by mostly regional dealers, it also attracts some national players. The crowd is always robust and eclectic. There are a plethora of coins and coin collectors in this area, so one never knows what might walk through the front door.  For these reasons and more, the guys have a large front and center spread, very probably the largest bourse of certified coins in the entire room. Just look for the giant BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign (visible from virtually all vantage points in the room) marking the Reeded Edge’s end-cap booth. Not to out-do the last several shows, but both the quantity and diversity of our United States certified coin inventory in Fredericksburg will be unprecedented. Please consider stopping by our booth with your want list. Equally as important, the guys will be aggressively BUYING ANY OR ALL BETTER, FRESH UNITED STATES COLLECTOR COINS. Our open-checkbook policy will be in full effect; we routinely get asked if we are buying coins, to which we ALWAYS answer, “WE ARE ALWAYS BUYING!” This weekend in Fredericksburg will be no exception. We certainly hope that this historically important and quaint city is in your travel plans for this upcoming weekend, as the guys would love to see you at the show!