The Reeded Edge Heads to Monroeville for The P.A.N. Show

This week’s P.A.N. show marks one of the larger coin venues to take place since the onset of the pandemic. Irrespective of conditions, this remains one of our favorite shows for several reasons. Most obviously, Pittsburgh and its metropolitan areas are a mere 2 hour drive for us, making this one of our closest and most convenient coin shows. We also have a very solid core of customers in this area. It is no mystery that we like attending well managed club sponsored coin shows. From this respect, P.A.N. probably ranks amongst the best in the country. P.A.N is a very active club with many members participating in the show’s management. With Pennsylvania being one of the slower and more cautious states to reopen, we can assure our fellow dealers and customers that all health precautions will be taken by P.A.N. management, with COVID protocol in effect throughout the duration of the show.

We are excited about this show for a couple other reasons. We have been very active buying a myriad of different coins in the office. From top-flight certified coins to a host of raw coins and even some modern mint issues, everything in the U.S. numismatic spectrum has seemingly crossed our counters over the last several weeks. Although we bring primarily certified coins to shows, this in no way diminishes what we currently have available for sale. Although we generally use this forum to discuss travel plans and numismatic news/happenings, we do want to take special note one of our new inventory selections, a RARE and elusive 1861-O $20.00 Liberty, PCGS certified AU-55. This is a world-class coin, that regardless of your intentions, is worth at least a look.

The coin market remains healthy despite a tumultuous Presidential election that might infer otherwise. Although some of our local shops have reported slowdowns in the last couple of weeks, we have not seen it. Two way business has been conducted here at an almost frenzied pace, with coins coming in the office faster than we can sometimes process them. In retrospect, this has been a nice problem to have. We have no reason to believe that market conditions should change anytime soon, and quite possibly, they may actually improve. This election has preoccupied a lot of people’s attention. We believe that once it’s behind us, we will all have one less distraction to deal with. Although politics have divided much of the country, fortunately numismatics have drawn many of our fellow hobbyists together. We believe that this week’s P.A.N. show will be further evidence of this trend.