The Reeded Edge Returns from a Successful P.A.N. Show

P.A.N. proved yet again that coin shows can be relevant in a challenging environment. Most obvious at this show was the tremendous appetite of the wholesale community. Dealers from around the country converged on Monroeville with the intention of buying coins. Historically, this has not been the footprint of this show. Although the Pittsburgh area is home to quite a few collectors, this show generally preceded by a slower dealer set-up, causing Rob and Robbie to skip Wednesday afternoon entirely. When the guys arrived in Monroeville Thursday morning, they were inundated with dealer business. Uncharacteristic of a P.A.N. show, the first 3 hours of the show resulted in over half of their business for the entire 3 days. This is a pattern that seems to be following shows around right now, irrespective of location. Dealers are hungry for coins to service their customers, and are flocking to coin shows to source them. We have said repeatedly, that we have been feeling the pent-up energy resulting form months of lockdowns, and P.A.N. proved once again that the resumption of shows was necessary and overdue.

Collector turnout at P.A.N. was on the lighter side, with many of The Reeded Edge “regulars” no-shows. Perhaps the proximity to the city of Pittsburgh in tandem with Pennsylvania’s patterns of restrictive lockdowns scared some people away. We do not feel that this absence was the fault of the P.A.N. organization, or in anyway a forecast for future shows. Blaine Shiff and his convention staff were facing a tall order to even make this show happen, and our hats go off to all of them for a job well done. This is likely our last coin show of 2020. In a year that has been anything but normal, we are glad that shows resumed at all. We applaud the promoters and clubs that made each and every one of these venues happen.