A Strange November for the Coin Market.

Does anybody else think this November just feels strange? Election night had President Trump as a 74% Vegas favorite. Six hours later, it was Senator Biden who was the Vegas favorite, and by about the same margin. And so it began… With spiking numbers of new COVID cases, and some Governors suggesting possible lockdowns for the holidays, how does one keep their focus? This is the operative question for the coin market. We have been professing the resilience of the collector, and to illustrate this point let’s rewind to the spring. The first round of lockdowns had us concerned, but the collectors proved us wrong. With more time on their hands, and less options at their disposal, coins became both their outlet and their sanity check. Are we in for Round 2? We may have to be, as the resurgence of coin shows seems to be coming to a screeching halt, not at all the scenario any of us were hoping for. On the brighter side, we have been down this road once, and as they tagline goes, we got this!

Gold and silver have taken a little reprieve but still maintain their underlying strength. Collector coins still seem to be the backbone of the hobby, but as we have previously professed, without the aid of coin shows to source numismatic material, a constant supply chain to keep pace with demand can prove challenging. There are some things that we can control, and others that we can’t. Rest assured, we will pull out all the stops to keep the shelves stocked and new coins coming to the market. You expect no less, and we won’t let you down.

The Reeded Edge is in the final stages of purchasing several significant deals comprising a myriad of collector coins at all price points. Keep your eye on the store this week and next, as there will be close to 1000 new PCGS coins making their debuts. There are many coins under $250, which also make perfect holiday gifts for the collector. Despite the distractions, The Reeded Edge is maintaining a full speed ahead approach. There will be much more coming in terms of specifics, so stay tuned.