Even in the worst of circumstances, there are always things to be thankful for. Fortunately, we are in the rare coin business. Alternatively, we could be in the bar/restaurant or travel industry, and faced with an uncertain future. But, we are not; we are in a business that has remained viable, and we believe, will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Coin Collectors are a loyal group and even with the present challenges, most have remained committed to their hobby. Factor in the newfound demand for precious metals and the physical shortage of supply in the marketplace, and we now have an investor demand, as well. Ironically Monday was our busiest shipping day of the year. This is the same day that Wall Street had a 2000 point swing, and the news centered around uncertainty. We believe that as the current public health challenges get more predictable in tandem with moving towards a treatment and cure, economic circumstances will also stabilize. The last two days has seen a shift in that direction. The real news is, throughout it all, coins have been selling. Since collectors have demonstrated a willingness to continue buying coins, and precious metals investors have upped the ante with their ravenous appetite to procure physical gold and silver, we don’t see any recession on the numismatic horizon. Contributing to this is the Cabin Fever created by social distancing, leading many collectors to refocus on their collections.


Those of us that call ourselves professional numismatists are a blessed group. We have been afforded the opportunity to turn our passion into a profession. In addition, we deal with a like-minded contingent that is equally as passionate as us. Thank you to all of our customers that have continued to stick by us through this difficult period. You have been there for us, and rest assured, we will continue to be there for you.


This week, there are a myriad of new coins scattered throughout the store. This has not been an easy task for us, especially with the absence of coin shows and the closure of many coin shops. Irrespective of these two challenges, we stay committed to providing you with our usual influx of fresh coins. This has required us to have coins shipped from private sources, folks just like yourselves. With that in mind, we want to stress that OUR NEED FOR FRESH, NON-AUCTION, CERTIFIED U.S. COINS, ESPECIALLY THOSE VALUED IN THE $500-$5000 RANGE CONTINUES. PLEASE CALL/EMAIL WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN OFFER!


These are unprecedented times for all of us. The coin business and those that feed into it have demonstrated an unbelievable sense of resilience and normalcy throughout. We are betting that this trend continues, and with time, even improves. As our political leaders are constantly reminding us, we will emerge from this crisis even stronger than we were. Based upon what the numismatic sector has evidenced, we would have to agree.