Happy Thanksgiving from The Reeded Edge

pilgrim obvpilgrim revIt really is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us again. 2018 has been a challenging year for the coin market in many ways, but thanks largely to you, our customers, we have persevered. Throughout the year, this market has become much more selective. This selectivity goes in tandem with the full throttle return of the collector, which has been the driving force for the renewed demand on collector coins, and correspondingly, the weakness in generic coins. We have witnessed series such as classic U.S. Commemoratives, Standing Liberty Quarters and early-date Walkers all experience a renaissance. Conversely, generic common date material has languished with many of these coins trading at all-time low premiums. A good case in point are common-date $20 gold coins which exist in abundant quantities, and are priced closer to their intrinsic value than ever before. (We actually think that this area presents a buying opportunity, but that is a conversation for another day).

But, we digress….This is a time of year to give thanks for all that is right, and that starts with you. Without your support and loyalty, we wouldn’t be here. Yes, we love this hobby and being able to service it. We share in your passion for numismatics, and take pride and satisfaction in knowing that we are helping you, even if just some small way, to advance your collection. Here at The Reeded Edge we are all collectors, both in heart and in practice. This is such a great hobby, and it starts with the people. Cherish your coins (as you should), but most importantly, give thanks for those around you that provide love and comfort. Coins aside, that is the real importance of Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season.

We would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention our upcoming Black Friday Sale. We have tried many different approaches to this popular shopping weekend, with some campaigns more successful than others. We really believe that this year’s sale will be one for the ages, with no item excluded, including our listings on eBay. Stay tuned for more details.

From all of us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!