Frenzied Coin Market Propels PAN Show to Spotlight

P.A.N. always hosts a first-class regional coin show. It is always easy to discern the coin clubs that go above and beyond to make their conventions a success, and in this regard, P.A.N. is right up there with the best of them. Throw an unusually active market into the mix, and P.A.N. went from being a really good coin show to a downright GREAT one. Both Rob and Robbie concurred that this was not only the best P.A.N. show ever, but quite possibly one of the best regional coin shows ever. That’s quite a strong statement for a show coming on the heels of a world pandemic. What was plainly obvious to the guys (and most others in attendance) is that there is a LOT of penned-up energy out there. People are ready to get back to some sense of normalcy, a fact quite evident in the numismatic sector. Our company’s inventory has been bordering on anemic, with coins sold outpacing new purchases almost three to one. From this standpoint, P.A.N. came just in time. The guys were able to literally double their certified inventory with over 4 double row boxes of new purchases landing in the office this week. Some of our regulars get a little perturbed that we won’t show them new purchases at the show. But had we done so, we probably would have had little or nothing to take home with us. Unfortunately, with servicing a large customer list as well as supplying Coin World and Numismatic News ads with new coins, this prospect was a non-starter. Fresh in the guys minds was that they took a similar haul back from The Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg two weeks earlier, and since, completely sold through every coin. Perhaps, this is a good problem to have. But it really does put added pressure on buying coins between the shows just to sustain the status quo. Will this pace maintain through the summer as things begin to open up again, or will folks opt for overdue trips and vacations? For the time being, the jury remains out. As of this writing, we continue to aggressively pursue new coins just to keep our shelves stocked. We also await the return of national coin shows. With Summer F.U.N. and the A.N.A. World’s Fair of Money on the not-too-distant horizon, that day is not far off. The resumption of coin shows also gives us a good excuse to keep this column updated on a more regular basis. With what look to be exciting times ahead, we can hardly wait to share the news with you. With COVID beginning to disappear in the rearview mirror, we now can focus on the numismatic horizon without further distractions. Until next week, it’s full steam ahead…..