The Reeded Edge Heads to Dalton, GA for the GNA Coin Show

This is starting to feel like the new normal, as coin shows are resuming with more regularity. We professed from Day 1 of the pandemic that this too would pass. We did not believe for a minute that COVID was going to redefine how we lived our lives, at least not on a permanent basis. We just added 2 more shows to our Summer list including Summer FUN and the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money. This week, we will be attending our largest post-COVID show to date, as Rob and Robbie head south to the Georgia-Tennessee border for The Georgia Numismatic Association’s Annual Coin Show in Dalton, GA. Several hundred dealers will be packing the room for what should be 3 active days of numismatic trading. Although Georgia still requires their vendors and facility employees to don masks, the public attendees’ requirement has been lifted, a sign of what’s to come at more and more future public events. Admittedly, COVID has instilled the fear of God in many people. But just as many are ready to move on and get on with their lives. Here at The Reeded Edge, our plight is a common one with other dealers across the country; we are selling three coins for every one that we buy, and our inventory levels are anemic. We need coin shows, and did not fully appreciate their impact to our supply chain until there were none. Both Rob and Robbie are thrilled to see this trend finally reversing, and the guys are really looking forward to all of their upcoming shows with great anticipation and expectation. If the small Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg was any indication last week of what’s to come, the guys have good reason to be excited. The good news was that they returned from Gettysburg with almost 8 double row boxes of inventory. The worse news is that one week later they are right back to their pre-Gettysburg inventory levels. The appetite for coins right now is tremendous, and quite honestly even WITH coin shows, it may continue to prove challenging to keep up. On the surface, this would look like a good problem to have, but as an old business mentor reminded us, you can’t sell from an empty wagon. Hopefully, next week the shelves will be restocked….at least long enough to get us through until the PAN show in May. Perhaps, Dalton will be in your plans for this coming weekend. If so, be sure to stop by The Reeded Edge’s booth (#908 & 910) and say hello to Rob and Robbie. Familiar coin show faces are really like an extended family to us, and it will be great to see each and every one of you once again.