Gettysburg Show VERY Active; Next up-GNA Show Dalton, GA

The Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg, PA is firmly establishing itself as a solid regional show. The combination of the historical lure of The Gettysburg battlefield combined with pent-up demand from COVID restrictions resulted in an active and productive show last weekend. This show seems to get progressively bigger and better with age. Thursday, dealer trading was brisk. The room was equally active and crowded when the general public arrived on Friday, making for a very busy two days. Although Saturday saw a drop-off in both attendance and overall business, it was by no means slow. Rob and Robbie both were pleasantly surprised at the number and attitude of the attendees. In general, most folks seem very positive about the state of the hobby and the coin market. The guys returned from Gettysburg with almost 8 double-row boxes of inventory, more coins than they originally brought to the show. Those of you that have followed our blogs throughout the pandemic know how starved for material the dealer community has been. It was obvious to the guys that with the resumption of more coin shows, that this problem should quickly resolve itself. It’s a good thing too, as coins continue to disappear almost as quickly as they are listed for sale. We are optimistic that next week’s GNA Coin Show in Dalton, GA will be equally robust. This is a well run venue located in a collector hub of the deep south. As one dealer aptly put it, Dalton seldom disappoints. This should prove especially true given the current market conditions, Hopefully, Dalton is on your radar for next week, as the guys would love to see you at this upcoming show!