Coins Remain Short in Supply as Unprecedented Demand Continues to Drive the Market

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but the facts are the facts. No embellishment is needed to surmise the current market condition.  The numismatic market is starved for material, as coin shortages continue. Will the resumption of several upcoming shows resolve this? We can only speak from experience, and the few shows that we have recently attended, did temporarily boost our inventory levels….but only temporarily. We need coin shows on a regular basis, to have any chance whatsoever of maintaining the number of coins in inventory that we had become accustomed to, prior to the onset of COVID. There is hope that this day is not far off, and we remain optimistic that we will soon return to our old normal.

Speaking of coin shows, The Reeded Edge returns to the road from April 1 to April 3 to attend The Battlefield Coin Show in Gettysburg, PA. This show has developed into a nice regional venue with a good mix of local mid-Atlantic dealers. You never know who will show up at Gettysburg, or what type of coins might walk in the door. Rob and Robbie are both optimistic that the pent-up energy resulting from months of COVID dormancy will result in an active and productive coin show. The guys will be at their regular booth located right inside the front entrance. If you are considering selling any of your numismatic holdings, please consider offering them to the guys. The Reeded Edge remains extremely aggressive about buying coins, especially fresh off-of-the market deals. We don’t believe anybody in Gettysburg will pay more for the right coins. We certainly hope to see all of our friends this weekend. Gettysburg is a great historical area to visit, and it’s even more-so interesting, when there is a coin show also in the mix!