June Baltimore Show Lackluster? NOT!!

This year’s June Baltimore show was a recipe for disaster. For one, it wasn’t in June. Instead, Whitman was forced to juggle their dates and held it on Memorial Day weekend. Historically, the June Baltimore show is the smallest and least active of the 3 yearly shows held at the Baltimore Convention Center. So, our expectations are always somewhat tempered. Given the change of dates to one of the most popular travel weekends of the year, our expectations were downright dashed. Boy, were we wrong! Baltimore ended up being one of our better coin shows of the year. Although the collector attendance was slightly affected by circumstances, those who did attend were serious. From our perspective, money was spent and coins were sold. It is plainly obvious to us that we are in the midst of a collector-driven market, something that we have no issue with whatsoever. On the buy side, the show was exceptional. Our acquisitions were across the numismatic spectrum, from copper through gold, with no single area better represented than any other. This is exactly what we strive for at a coin show-balance. At the end of the day, a tip of the hat goes to the entire staff of Whitman for another job well done. If there ever was a coin show laden with potential challenges, this was it. For them to draw a nice mix of both dealers and public on this otherwise auspicious weekend, speaks volumes of Whitman’s commitment to the success of the Baltimore Coin Show. If only other promoters would take more careful note of how this show is run, coin shows as a whole would be inherently more successful.