Happy New Year from ALL of Us at The Reeded Edge!

Ordinarily, this space is utilized to talk about coins and the coin market, and for those of you expecting more of the same, we apologize. We wanted to take this moment to reflect upon all of the wonderful people that we have met throughout the year. Admittedly, we all get so caught up in the numismatic side of what we do, that we sometimes forget that it is the people that are truly at the heart of it all. It could be argued that most of what we do in our professional lives, from publishing ads and price lists, listing coins on eBay and Collectors Corner, and traveling the four corners of this country to attend various coin shows, is to enrich our personal livelihoods; to some extent, this holds true. But, if it weren’t for all of the great people that we met and the friendships that have been forged, we would not still be doing this. Thirty one years of buying and selling coins for the sole purposes of making money gets old. Profit is not a dirty word, but, to live for just monetary gain, is a very lonely existence. Not to get overly philosophical, but the people are what make both the numismatic hobby and business purposeful. Next week, we will get back to discussing the nuts and bolts of the coin market as well as the various numismatic components that keep it functioning. We will also have much more on the upcoming and highly anticipated FUN show. But today, we are going to close out by saying thank you to each and every one of you that helped make 2018 a successful year for all of us here at The Reeded Edge. Happy New Year to you, and may 2019 bring you and your loved ones peace, health and prosperity.