Two Back-to-Back Northern Virginia Coin Shows Test Strength of D.C. Market

Vienna Community CenterConventional wisdom doesn’t always prevail, especially when two coin show promoters don’t coordinate their dates. That is the situation that we face this week, as we travel back to Northern Virginia for the Vienna Quarterly Coin Show. Happily, the first leg of this journey was successful; the Annandale Coin Show managed to fill the room with passionate buyers (especially on Saturday). The challenge will be to see if Vienna can do it again this weekend, since the shows are a mere 8 miles apart. Demographically, this is the wealthiest area in the United States. But in the same breath, there are only so many collectors, many of whom showed up last weekend in Annandale. Rob and Robby will be conducting this weekend’s numismatic experiment, as they will be representing The Reeded Edge in Vienna. They should have hundreds of brand new coins in tow, as they work through a new collection that landed in the office on Monday. This will be the last show before the much-anticipated ANA World’s Fair of Money in Rosemont, Illinois. As many of you already know this is the show-of-shows in the numismatic arena. The world’s largest coin show will commence on August 13th and conclude on Saturday the 17th. The Reeded Edge will have an enormous 4 table end-cap in the very front of Hall F at The Donald Stephens Rosemont Exposition Center. Associates Miguel Lopez, Ron Iliffe, and Rory Shelby will be on hand to assist the guys throughout the week. More on this show will be forthcoming next week. For the time being, we hope that Vienna, and perhaps a D.C. getaway is in your plans for this upcoming weekend.