PAN Show was a Strong Indicator for the Summer Coin Show Season

PAN, once again, managed to perform beyond expectations. This happened without seeing many of our collector regulars. Attendance for the show was still above average, with a fair number of serious collectors in the room with want lists in tow. We believe that all indicators are pointing towards a favorable summer coin show season. This is especially true if metals can find some stability. With all the worries in the middle-east region and North Korea, as well as rising fuel prices, we are frankly amazed that  the metals markets aren’t more bullish.

For the next three weeks, The Reeded Edge will be spending some overdue catch-up time in the home office. This will give us an opportunity to monitor the electronic exchanges, and trade a little outside of the coin show circuit. Quite honestly, this is where the majority of coin trades take place on a daily basis.

Please keep an eye out on The Reeded Edge webstore. With the addition of almost 500 new coins, there is no shortage of fine U.S. certified coins, and at all price-points.