Market Remains Steady & Active After Baltimore Coin Show

This week, there really is nothing new to report. As of those of you who that follow the coin market with any regularity probably already realize, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, just sustaining a level of activity after a major coin show is a victory. Sales remain steady and so does buying. This is an equilibrium that we like to see. When it’s too much of one and and not enough of another, this creates an unhealthy imbalance in the marketplace. Of particular note on the store this week is a group of mid-priced, certified collector coins, as well as a large collection of common-date Morgan Dollars, including many less-than-common VAMS. At this writing, we have only begun to process the dollars, so it may be several more days before they start appearing for sale. It is also worth noting that we have several hundred coins at PCGS for grading, so there will be those coins filtering back into inventory over the next month, as well.  Several more exciting deals are still either in the works, or in the case of one, in a holding pattern. In all, The Reeded Edge has more than a few numismatic irons in the fire, as well as the constant influx of new coins that our customers have come to expect. The next major show on the horizon for us, which will be taking place in approximately three weeks, is The Central States Numismatic Convention in Schaumburg, IL. Both Rob and Robbie will be attending this venue for the better part of a week, so our expectations are high. We will have more details on both the show and our timeline in our upcoming Market Report.  For now, we will relish in the status quo. Happy collecting!