Successful Series of Coin Shows Kick Off the Fall Market

The coin market continues its bullish direction heading into the generally-active Fall season. After two very successful coin shows (VNA-Fredericksburg, VA and NCNA-Concord, NC), we can assure you that it still remains a seller’s market. Great coins find new homes quickly and without exception. Thankfully, some of the levels on more generic coins, such as common-date CC Morgan Dollars, seem to have leveled off. The parties responsible for pushing these type of coins up, now find themselves top-heavy with inventory. It is quite possible that this area is due for a correction. Collectors seem to be on a total disconnect with a $350-$400 valuation for a BU 1883-CC dollar. Quite honestly, so are we. But, we digress. Great collector coins on the other hand are still very short in supply, and many of these areas remain undervalued. The challenge for firms like ours, is keeping these type of coins in stock long enough so that they can be advertised on a price list, Coin World, Numismatic News or the like. But if buying collector coins were an easy proposition, what need would there be for a firm like ours? (That’s a bit of a rhetorical question.) All of the preceding comments also apply to large size currency. Like collector coins, there has been a real resurgence of interest in this under-valued area. It is not unusual for the perfect large size note to trade at levels considerably north of published prices. Auctions also seem to keep redefining this market, and an upward trend of APRs has definitely been evident. Of course, we maintain our aggressive buying posture  for both coins and currency, with our open checkbook policy in full effect. With a litany of Fall coin shows on the horizon, including the quintessential Whitman Baltimore Winter Coin Expo, we have a great deal to look forward to. With broad-based support for metals and the financial markets still being the order of the day, we don’t anticipate the supply of money chasing rare coins and collectables to dry up anytime soon. This could make for some fun upcoming times in the coin business. We shall see!