ANA World’s Fair of Money-One of the Greatest Coin Shows in Decades!

Incredible…Outstanding…Awesome…Off-the-Chart; these are just a few of the superlatives that we heard from dealers at last week’s World’s Fair of Money. From our perspective, none of these dealers were wrong. From the opening bell on Monday’s set-up, through the show closing on Saturday, it was plainly obvious that there was an energy on the bourse floor unlike any major show that we have attended in decades. Rob brought a one inch thick stack of blank invoices to the show thinking that there was no possible way that we would exhaust them. He was wrong! Saturday afternoon at 3:00, we wrote our very last invoice, and decided that it was time to start packing up, and make the journey back home. That was after conducting almost three quarter of a million dollars of numismatic business, and tirelessly buying, selling and grading coins for six consecutive days. Thanks to our good friend and long-time associate, Rory Shelby for lending a helping hand. For most of the show, all 3 of us were on-hand to service the scores of customers that visited our booth. Checkbooks were out and business was transacted throughout. We can only hope that this positive mood prevails, and will dictate the market direction heading into the fall season. The one takeaway from this show is that the coin market is presently on VERY solid footing.