That day is finally upon us. We have been anxiously looking forward to the resumption of the summer ANA World’s Fair of Money for over a year and a half. Last month, Summer FUN laid the groundwork for next week’s gala. More importantly FUN proved to the numismatic world that a major coin show can be held safely, even at a location which has been labeled a trouble spot. We have no doubt that ANA will also go down as a safe and productive venue. We also feel that Baltimore, January FUN and Central States will probably green light their future venues, as well. In other words, normalcy is back…and hopefully, it’s here to stay!

Both Rob and Robbie will be on hand at The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 River Rd. Rosemont, IL @ Booth #700 with a full entourage of coins, currency, collectibles and even some bullion. In addition, there will be a beautiful and complete PCGS-graded Morgan Dollar set that we have been patiently building for one of our very good friends. Please take a minute to look it over, as one of our goals is to upgrade some of the more important coins in the set. The guys have been anxiously awaiting this day, and rest assured, they will have all of the boxes checked. SHOW HOURS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE AS FOLLOWS: TUESDAY, AUG 10th FROM 1 PM – 6 PM, WEDNESDAY, AUG 11th THROUGH FRIDAY, AUG 13th 10 AM – 6 PM and finally SATURDAY, AUG 14 10 AM – 4 PM. Later in the week, they will be joined by long time friend and confidant, Rory Shelby. We expect to see many old faces at the show, a component almost as important to us as our actual business. Needless to say, THE GUYS WILL BE AGGRESSIVELY BUYING THROUGHOUT THE WEEK, so please, if you have any coins for sale, The Reeded Edge wants to be your Huckleberry. Just look for the large BUYING BUYING BUYING sign, and Rob, Robbie and the checkbook should all be close behind. It should also be noted that PCGS will not be grading on-site, nor will there be any on-site auctions coinciding with the show. Without these outside distractions, dealers and collectors alike should be able to stay focused on show business at hand.

During the week, we will be maintaining a skeleton staff at the office. We are happy to report that our webmaster, Ray Hunt has made incredible progress, and should be ready to come back into the office next week on a limited basis. You probably haven’t heard Ray’s friendly voice on the other end of the phone for a while, so we all are very excited about this development. Any coin or product related questions next week should be directed to Robbie Jenkins @ 301-876-1332, or Rob Lehmann @ 240-422-0118, as they will be best suited to discuss these matters with you.

Stay tuned for blogs from the show next week updating new purchases and the overall climate of the show. We haven’t been this excited for a coin show in many years (if EVER), and for good reason. We really hope to see you and yours next week in Rosemont….Until then!