PAN Show Rocks!

Without a doubt, last week’s PAN Show in Monroeville, PA was one of our best ever. The hall was bigger, the crowds were larger, and at the end of the day, the amount of business conducted was unprecedented, especially for a show of this size. Occasionally a show hits on all cylinders. This was definitely the case at PAN. Collectors bought with vigor, and great coins came out of the woodwork, offering us some wonderful buying opportunities. It appears that collectors are getting adjusted to the higher market levels; consequently, we met little price resistance throughout the show. Conversely, we as dealers have resigned ourselves to the fact that many numismatic properties have gotten progressively more expensive, and tomorrow’s coin may cost considerably more than yesterday’s counterpart. This is a simple evolution of an upward-moving market, which is obvious at this juncture, we are in the midst of. Stay tuned as we anxiously look towards the quintessential  Whitman Baltimore Coin Show, which should substantiate future market direction. With the holidays on the immediate horizon, we believe that the timing could not be any better!