The Coin Market Starts to Show Signs of Holiday Activity

Through all of the uncertainty of the recent coin market, one constant seems to hold true. Holiday activity will jump start an unpredictable market and give it some sense of stability, albeit temporary. So far, this season seems to be following that pattern. Granted, we are only out of the starting blocks, but Black Friday weekend definitely translated into positive sales in our numismatic sector. And, that’s a good thing! For those of you that follow our posts on a regular basis, we have maintained that this market has been buoyed by the presence of collectors. It really wasn’t that surprising to us that they showed up in force over this traditional shopping weekend. Hopefully, they will stay with us for the balance of this holiday season. Going into the all-important 2018 FUN Show in Tampa, momentum is very good for the psyche of the coin dealer contingent.

We have been buying an inordinate number of coins lately. Of particular note are a large silver dollar collection, a registry Lincoln Cent set and a nice, certified U.S. gold deal. We are really appreciative of everything that we have been offered, and urge you all to keep the coins coming!

Next weekend, we will close out our 2017 coin show schedule with The Annandale Coin Show in northern Virginia. This is a really active little holiday show. With about 65 regional and national dealers in attendance, one never knows what coins might be bought or sold at this venue. This is usually a great show for us, and if you have never attended, we urge you to come check it out. Washington D.C. is only a 20 minute drive and it’s an absolutely beautiful city, particularly so during the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, we at The Reeded Edge would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. The holidays can be special in a lot of different ways. For us, it is hosting a Christmas party for about 50 local children through the Cumberland branch of The Salvation Army. There is nothing greater than seeing the look on a child’s face as they open presents because Santa came early. We hope you too will find that special happiness which brings meaning and fulfillment to this festive time of year.