Vienna Community CenterWe are thrilled to have seven Northern Virginia coin shows on our 2020 calendar. Absent for several years was the Vienna quarterly venue, which was put on hold while the community center was going through a major renovation. Thankfully, the construction was completed and what we have now is a beautiful facility in one of the most prosperous areas in the country. It is worth noting that Vienna and the surrounding area are also home to a plethora of coin collectors. This helps explain why this area can support multiple, vibrant shows every year. Rob and Robbie will be doing their quarterly pilgrimage to Vienna, VA this upcoming weekend to set up at The Vienna Quarterly Coin and Stamp Show. This will be their first show with their many F.U.N. purchases in tow, so new, fresh certified coins should be in abundance. The guys will also be buying, so please make a point of showing them anything that you are contemplating selling. Just look for the BUYING BUYING BUYING sign behind the first booth inside the main entrance. This not only serves an attention-getting sign, but projects our company’s mission statement. We pride ourselves on cycling many coins on a regular basis, a feat that’s impossible without the buying component.

There is a renewed sense of optimism throughout the coin market, due in a large part to an outstanding F.U.N. Show (see last week’s post).  Consequently, January is off to a great start. Although there are many factors which will influence the coin market throughout the year, it’s always encouraging to start things out on an upnote. Not to belabor the point from last week’s F.U.N. review, but the widespread interest across the numismatic spectrum continues. We have noticed no numismatic area lacking strength. Presently, everything, including copper, small type, large type, dollars, gold and commemoratives, is selling. Perhaps this will be the emerging trend for 2020? Time will certainly tell.

Hopefully Northern Virginia and the D.C. metropolitan area will be in your plans for this upcoming weekend, as Rob and Robby would sure love to see you at the Vienna show.