Vienna Active, But Not Like the Old Days

The Vienna Coin and Stamp Show is a solid show with a decent following, but we remember the days when it was something much more than that. Vienna used to be one of the premier small shows in the country. It was marketed differently, with postcards sent out before each show to a vibrant customer mail list. It was attended differently with the isles packed with anxious collectors, to the degree that navigating the room was difficult if not downright impossible. The dealer contingent was represented by some of the most respected firms in the mid-Atlantic region. Suffice to say, all 3 of these components today fall short of the Vienna shows of the past. Perhaps, this is the evolution of the coin business and coin shows manifesting themselves in today’s marketplace. But with Vienna remaining one of the demographically top regions in the United States, we wonder if this show could be something more. After all, it was once. Despite present-day circumstances, Rob and Robbie returned from Vienna reporting a solid show. In the guys’ estimation, expectations are tempered to today’s climate, so Vienna seldom over or under performs. The Reeded Edge’s booth remained active for much of the show with buying and selling taking place throughout. Beyond that, there really is nothing to report-Vienna, in a nutshell, was as expected.

Next up for The Reeded Edge will be the always-active Annual Greater American Coin Fair at The St. Louis Airport Hilton. This show, taking place Feb 6-8, is an easy-in, easy-out affair, located literally right across the street from the St. Louis Airport. For this reason, it is very attractive for out of state dealers, and attracts a myriad of national rare coin firms. Actually, for its size and stature, this show may have the best dealer roster of any coin venue on the circuit. It is one of the true steady performers on the show circuit, and one that the guys put on their calendar religiously. If you have never attended this coin show, and circumstances find you in the St. Louis area, a stop at the Airport Hilton could be well worth your while.