The Reeded Edge Heads to St. Louis for The Greater American Coin Fair

Airport HiltonRemember the old days of coin shows, and walking into an undersized room with dealers packed together like sardines? Navigating the crowded aisles was reminiscent of a rush hour traffic jam. Do you remember the feeling that that noisy room evoked? At that moment, the thought probably struck you like a bolt of lightning. This is a vibrant hobby and I am part of it! Unfortunately, as the business and hobby have both evolved into the technology era, that experience really has become a thing of the past. But, every now and then, and if for only one fleeting moment, circumstances allow for a deja vu return of that old days feeling. The personal aspect of buying coins face-to-face is not a dead concept, and the successful small coin show has not yet gone the way of the dinosaur, facts we are both reminded of once a year when we attend The Greater American Coin Fair in St. Louis, MO.  Conveniently located at the Hilton, directly across the street from St. Louis airport, this location provides the easy-in, easy-out that makes travel a breeze for the national dealer contingent. Most importantly, Mike Orlando (the show promoter) understands a few simple but important concepts. An undersized location with a crowd beats an empty, larger hall. Equally important, once a show location is established, don’t mess with it. Ironically, there is a newer and larger facility less than 10 miles north of the aging airport Hilton that features a really large convention center with free parking and easy interstate access. A second, unrelated St. Louis coin show is held there, with nowhere near the same results. Why does this show work year-in and year-out? There is no logical answer to this, as the mid-western weather can be a bit unpredictable in February, the undersized parking lot charges $10 a car, and the hotel itself is small and underwhelming. The Reeded Edge has always banked on the fact that this show is a winner, despite factors which should prove otherwise. Consequently,  Rob and Robbie make their annual pilgrimage to St. Louis for 3 days of brisk coin trading. The Reeded Edge will be located at their usual in-line booth, directly in the center of the main bourse room. They will have hundreds of great certified collector coins in tow, including new show and office purchases. In addition, the guys will be actively buying with their open checkbook policy in full force. Whether you have one high-value coin or an entire collection to sell, The Reeded Edge would love to be your go-to dealer. Please make a point of showing  anything numismatically worthwhile to the guys for their on-the-spot offer. Please note, as in prior years, we will be subletting Oklahoma Coin Exchange’s table. Although our booth will be branded with The Reeded Edge logo and signage, the show guide will list our location as “O.C.E.” Hopefully, Friday or Saturday will bring you to the St. Louis area for this always-active numismatic venue (or during set-up Thursday afternoon, if you are a dealer). Rob and Robbie would both love to see you at the show.