The Reeded Edge Heads to Dublin for The Ohio State Coin Show

Dublin ClarionThis weekend, we will be launching our end-of-Summer, early-Fall coin show tour starting with one of our perennial favorites. Rob and Robbie will be heading to Dublin, Ohio for The Central Ohio Numismatic Association’s Annual Ohio State Coin Show. This 50+ table show hosts one of the best mixes of dealers and collectors found throughout the region. Throw into the mix the diligence and friendliness of the Green Hats (the derby-wearing club members that run and manage this venue), and you have a coin show that always seems to be a success. This is our 5th year setting up at this show, and we have made it a staple on our regular schedule. We will have quite a bit of new material, most noticeably all of our new purchases and grading returns from the recent blockbuster ANA’s World Fair of Money in Philadelphia. But don’t think that an abundance of new coins translates into a buying hiatus, because that is the furthest thing from the truth. The guys will have their usual open checkbook policy in full effect, as their insatiable appetite for fresh coins remains ongoing. The Reeded Edge has been buying coins at a frenzied pace, and our hope is to continue that pattern in Dublin. Perhaps, you have some special coins that you were waiting for the right opportunity to sell. Then, be sure to give Rob and Robbie a chance to tender their aggressive offer. Just look for the large wall table in the right front corner of the main bourse hall, and The Reeded Edge’s giant (and dare we say, borderline obnoxious) BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign, and the guys should not be far behind. The show opens to the public at The Dublin Clarion on Friday, August 31 at 10:00 AM and runs through Sunday. We can’t think of a better way to spend Labor Day weekend, and we hope that you are in agreement. We would love to see you in beautiful Dublin!