Annandale Coin Show a Success; Eyes Turn Towards Irvine, Texas and The ANA National Money Show

We were pleased with the turn-out at last week’s Annandale Coin Show. Despite this being the first time this venue was held in March, compounded by a severe wind storm that passed through the area Friday night, promoter Wayne Herndon still managed to have the show ready for business on Saturday. Although our sales figures were slightly off from December’s Annandale venue, this still felt like a busy show. In retrospect, the weekend went very quickly, which is usually a good indicator of the activity level. There were numerous invoices written and a good bit more purchased, so we were relatively happy from both perspectives.

This week, our attention turns to Texas and The ANA’s National Money Show. Although we will not be attending, this show still serves as a barometer for the state of the coin market. We are hoping to hear positive reports. With both Baltimore and Central States on the horizon, stability and momentum are two essential market components.

The last week has been a busy buying period for us, and we urge you to peruse all of our new numismatic purchases. There is a good variety of material spanning all series and price points. We will be in the home office for another two weeks before heading out to Baltimore for The Whitman Coin and Collectibles Expo. Expect to see many more new purchases processed during this period, a bi-product of both fresh numismatic arrivals, as well as PCGS grading submission returns. We sense as Spring approaches, that the coin market will experience a cyclical spike in activity levels. Stay tuned for our follow-up market reports to see if our prognostications are accurate.