There always is a little bit of uncertainty when coming into a major coin show off of a long hiatus. This holds especially true when the market has been rather tentative. The annual Florida United Numismatists Show (FUN) proved that the coin market was more starved for material than it was concerned about past performance. With the renewed sense of optimism of both a new year and a new coin market, thousands of dealers and collectors flocked to Tampa with a sense of purpose. Activity was brisk with two-way trading taking place throughout. Unlike most coin shows, which tend to ebb and flow, there were no slow periods. Even Saturday, which ordinarily is reserved for Boy Scouts and browsers, was busy, with almost six figures of combined business transacted at our booth! Between the unseasonably cold temperatures and non-Orlando location, we did not have a lot of reason to expect such a good show, but maybe this is a sign for the rest of this year moving forward. FUN provided us with a very positive outlook for 2018, and the good health of the numismatic hobby in general. We will see if the stability lacking last year, also follows.

This weekend, The Reeded Edge will be heading to New Castle, Delaware for the Wilmington Coin Show. This is a well-supported and usually active venue, and we urge all of our friends from the Philadelphia to Baltimore area to check it out. It’s less than an hour drive, and there is a nice mix of local and regional dealers in attendance. Held, as always, at The NUR-Shrine Temple, 198 S. Dupont Highway in New Castle, DE, this free-standing venue has easy access to I-95  and plentiful parking. Having just returned from FUN, The Reeded Edge will have hundreds of new certified coins being showcased for the first time. We will also have an open checkbook, so if you have any interesting, fresh United States coins, please consider offering them to us. Rob and Robbie will both be on hand, and they would love to see you this weekend at the show, and perhaps, do a little business in the process.