Lackluster Wilmington Coin Show Demonstrates Ongoing Struggles of Club Shows

Last weekend’s Wilmington Coin Show demonstrated a trend of many smaller club shows. Although there were bodies in the room, serious customers purchasing any numismatic coins of consequence were absent. Dealers with raw coins, modern coins and bullion reported activity, albeit at mostly lower price-points. One dealer who we talked to said that he had a great show. Upon further elaboration, his “great show” was largely due to a wholesale transaction for 400 cull Morgan Dollars. If selling raw Morgans to make 50 cents to a dollar per coin is the benchmark for success at coin shows moving forward, then we will probably resign ourselves to office business. Aside from several outside sales conducted during dormant periods at the show (of which there were MANY), this show was one of the least productive coin shows for The Reeded Edge in years. Unfortunately, a trend is emerging at this venue with each of the previous three shows a little weaker than the one before it. Rob and Robbie will be giving this show one more opportunity in 2019, and if this pattern fails to reverse itself, The Wilmington Coin Show will unfortunately become, in sports terms, a healthy scratch.