Ohio State Coin Show Resounding Success-Next up, Gettysburg

Gettysburg Half TonedThis time of year marks one of those rare instances when we come off of one favorite coin show only to turn around and head to another that we like equally as much (albeit for slightly different reasons). Let’s first talk about last week’s Ohio State Coin Show (OSCS) in Dublin, Ohio. Although there are many coin clubs that pour their hearts and souls into their sponsored shows, few do it quite as well or thoroughly as the Central Ohio Numismatic Association. Once again, the green hats ran a first-class production. Friday was one of the busiest days in recent memory at any coin show, and for just a split second, we thought that we had traveled back in time to the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money held two weeks earlier. The room was full of passionate collectors and business was being conducted at a brisk pace. Of special importance to us, were the number of collectors indicating that they had seen our Coin World ad, Numismatic News ad, or weekly price list, and had specifically come to the show in search of one or more advertised coins. We also met, for the first time, several established mail-order customers that we knew only by name. Ideally, these are the type of opportunities that a coin show should afford us. We can now begin to look forward to next year’s event, being held at a neighboring facility yet to be named. Under the club’s competent leadership of Steve Petty, we are sure that this new  venue will be chosen carefully, and the show will not miss a beat in the process. Next week, we will be headed to a little bit different type of show, but one that we love no less. The Battlefield Coin Show, under the direction of Mike Dixon, is a fine venue, that is now in its fifth year. The allure of this show is the historic Civil War location of Gettysburg, PA. Dealers and collectors alike flock to this show, as does any serious student of American History. Few locations offer more in the way of distractions than the beautiful town of Gettysburg, but fortunately, this doesn’t seem to detract at all from what is usually a very well attended coin show. The Battlefield show offers an interesting and diverse mix of dealers who come from points all over the country. Both Rob and Robbie will be on the hand to represent The Reeded Edge at their usual location to the right of the front entrance. They will have thousands of new certified coins in tow (yes, you read that correctly-thousands), bipoducts of a very successful summer of office purchases, hundreds of PCGS grading returns and one of our most successful ANA shows in company history. As usual, the guys will have their checkbook open, and will be aggressively buying any and all fresh coins. Please make a point of offering The Reeded Edge any great numismatic properties that you have for sale. Immediate funds are ALWAYS available for the right coins! Just look for the giant BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign visible from all vantage points in the room, and the guys should not be far behind. Finally, we are humbled that Mike Dixon and the management of this show recognized our firm with a Dealer Integrity Award in 2017 and a Dealer Choice Award in 2018.  Both mean a great deal to us, especially coming from a first-rate organization like theirs. Hopefully, Gettysburg will be in your plans for next week, as we would love to see you at this fine show.