The Reeded Edge Returns from Raleigh and Prepares for Baltimore

baltimoreAs we have said in previous posts, we are full swing into coin show season. Last week’s Raleigh Coin Club Show kicked off June for us, while Baltimore continues the process next week. Unfortunately, this Raleigh show was nowhere near as good for us as last year’s venue. Perhaps, it was the June date (this show previously was held in July), or just as likely, it could have been the hot and cold coin market. Although we can only judge from visuals, the public through the  front door seemed light. Buyers were noticeably absent, and more importantly, so were sellers. We managed to keep ourselves busy for the weekend canvassing the floor for treasures, and conducting our usual  array of wholesale transactions wherever possible. But at the end of Sunday, we felt like we did only two days worth of business at a four day show. We have done Raleigh enough times in the past to know the potential that this show has. So we will  simply just attribute this anomaly as an off show, and not try to read into it any deeper. Next week, Rob and Robbie will head to Baltimore for The Whitman Coin and Collectibles Exposition. This is in our back yard, so consequently expectations run high. With the acquisition of two major collections, the guys will have no shortage of fresh, new material. Please visit The Reeded Edge at our usual front-and-center table #440 to view all of these new coins. Of course, the guys will be aggressively buying, so please offer them any or all worthwhile numismatic properties. Whether you have a single coin for sale or an entire collection, Rob and Robbie want to earn your business. Just look for the large BUYING BUYING BUYING sign, and chances are, the guys will not be far behind. We will have more particulars about this show, including our pre-show trading schedule on next week’s Market Report, so please stay tuned!